Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hello to All! Sorry for the long delay and posting, but Addi and I have been on the move this month. After celebrating with Mr. and Mrs. Clint Morgan in Colorado, Addi and traveled to Kansas where I left her and was able to attend FIG's company trip to Banff. If felt like home to see so many of the agents that have helped support Bo and I through out journey and not just sickness, but also our dating, marriage and having Addi. So many of the agents we consider dear friends that we have desperately missed seeing and catching up with. I have had to much time to reflect on things and truly be appreciative on relationships, that I am greatly for being able to tell those that we love that we love them and meet new friends. I had an incredible time (although Addi was in Kansas with my family, I am not quite sure she missed me, but that is a good thing) One thing that is so true with FIG is the core of the company is the same from the home office to the agents, everyone wants to do what is right for each other. It is an amazing group of people to be part of. Being by Bo's side with the company had made an extremely deep impact upon me, not just caring about the people, but also knowing how much Bo loved everyone and how he loved his job. Never did he think he worked a day in his life. It was another time to miss him more, but also celebrate him and the legacy he leaves behind. I am so grateful for those that shared stories of him and also how he affected their lives. When someone passes you fear that they will be forgotten, because to you they are in every breath you take. So anyone still out there know that Addi and I love the stories, the laughter and even a few tears.
With that being said Addi on a side note told me she is afraid she is going to forget her Daddy. Oh how I wish she knew that I will never let that happen. But also, how in the world is a 4 year old already worried about that. I truly believe she is so wise beyond her years, an old soul. I guess that is why Bo and I surrounded ourselves with a village of people to never let her forget.
Back on track, Addi and then spent a little time with my family. Never enough time in Kansas. Rarely do I get to go back and just hang out, but we did for a couple days and it was bliss to see her run around on a farm never hesitating with the dirt, animals or people. Kansas is something in her heart and for that I am grateful.
From Kansas we flew to Atlanta...(I told you we were traveling) Addi was a flower girl again for "Cousin Merritt" as we call her. Merritt was an incredible bride and I am so excited for her and the adventure of marriage. She found a good one in Patrick. I don't know him well ,but he can get that many grown me to give a speech and pronounce their love for him, he must have done something right. This time Addi freaked a little more coming down the aisle, something liked she walked halfway and when she saw me, she ran into my arms. I loved it, it got a chuckle from the crowd, and it was making good teasing for later...hehe.
From there we headed home on Father's Day. Oh Father's Day...I think this one was certainly a heavy heart. Addi insisted on buying Bo a card to mail to heaven. She is so thoughtful, after traveling home with Aunt Tracia, Addi and I spent the day together. We came home, I paid bills in Bo's honor (the guy loved to do that, the only person I know that like to give money out) We then went to the pool had dinner and just hung out. It was good to be home. We have a stone angel for our yard that we got for Father's Day. I am in hopes this will be a special spot and something Addi can always have where ever she goes to talk with her Daddy. Addi totally got it, "she hopes that when she talks to that angel she will find her Daddy and it will be like talking to Daddy." Wise, so wise.
Well now we are home, we missed celebrating a dear friend, "Dan Rourke", life. He was a mentor to Bo that if you remember took me under his wing that passed January for a company meeting. Him and I spent a good deal of time talking and laughing. Dan was an incredible man that lead an incredible life with incredible family and friends. I hate that I couldn't be there, but I think the best thing for Addi and myself was to take a weekend at home. We are tired and want to just hang today.
I will write more often, because this one was WAY to long...sorry for that. And Sorry for the typos, to tired to proof read, I guess I should have done that first!
Love to all
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Hey. Even though I just saw you today, I wanted you to know that I still continue to check the blog almost daily! Thank you for continuing to post. It's nice to hear all of those Addi stories! I am glad that you guys are home safely from your adventures! Looking forward to swimming a lot this summer! And no, Bo Johnson will never be forgotten! Justin and I talk about him a lot and still miss him so much! Love to you and Addi!


Anonymous said...

Christi, thanks so much for the update! Please enjoy your summer with Addi. I am heading down in a couple of weeks and hope to see you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Christi for posting and I do enjoy reading the blog. Happy you and Addi are home again. Aunt Marlene from Kansas

Anonymous said...

Although we have never met this song made me think of you, Bo, and Addi:

Jerrold said...

CJ, I forgot that BJ and I had the whole love for paying bills on time thing in common. He did give me a hardtime b/c before my lg txp I was on the nurse's computer paying bills up to two months ahead of time.