Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hello to All - I hope everyone is doing well. I have decided in my mind that this blog is also a good way to remember the little moments in Addi's life. I am not good at keeping a journal and such, but this blog has documented some of our "funnier" moments. This week is no exception.
Addi and I are back in the house with the floors repaired and are going also to fixing some of the other "issues" our house has...i.e. a spot on the ceiling, paint touch ups and such. Things that are easier to do with the furniture out of the way. Addi likes the huge dance floor we have, now only if Mommy can remember that the neighbors can see in really well at night...Remember all I grew up in the country where we didn't worry about the neighbors looking in the windows (those people that got that close were burglars) Now that I live "in town" I should turn down the Carlton and Running least in front of the front windows.
Now that you all have a wonderful visual of us at night with out dancing shoes on here are some funnier moments had by Addi...
Yesterday Addi came into the office with me for a while, while I finished some things up. Our good friend Ms. Tyler gave Addi some of her truffles to "sell" in the office. (A little side note, Addi has been selling items the last couple times she has come into the office. Pictures she has colored, things she printed of the computers...she is her father's daughter and always selling it) Anyway yesterday it was chocolates. The funny part of this story is when people asked what she was going to use her money for: you can take this one of two ways, super sweet with a little embarrassing on the side. Here is her conversation:
"Addi what are you selling?"
"How much for one?"
"A Quarter"
"What are you going to spend that quarter on?"
"I am going to give it to my Mommy, so we can keep our house." Oh to see the co-workers faces.
I appreciate that we are a team and she does get that comment from me. Most of the time it is when she wants something and I tell her we don't need that toy and she always asks why. Well we should save our money. We have bills to pay. Most of the time she doesn't know what bills are and therefore I told her so we can keep our house. Oh how what you say comes back to bite you on the tush. We are good everyone, but thanks for buying the chocolates.
Another funny by Addi happened yesterday also. Grams bought her this beautiful Easter dress, but we needed to try it on to make sure we got the right size. Needless to say with the chocolates being sold, she really didn't want to try it on. It had to be done and well we tried it on at the office and had to go show Grams it fit. On our ways back from showing Grams someone nicely said, "Oh Addi you look pretty." Addi not wanting to wear the dress then proceeded to run away yelling, "I'm not pretty!" at the top of her lungs. Good thing her lungs work so well, everyone in the office and whoever was on the phone with a marketer got to hear Addi having an "Ugly" moment. Oh the teenage years are still to come. I do hope I remember this one and when she is teasing me when she gets older about how "uncool" I am I can then run around saying, "I'm not pretty."
A day in the life of Addi
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

I look forward to this blog everyday :) laughed out loud on the so we can keep our house part and my roomate thought I was crazy lol teenage years were the best goodluck with that!
Love Kristen Bowman

Anonymous said...

Hi there-it is has been a while. Thanks for continuing to post and please know that I think about all of you everyday.

My love,

Anonymous said...

Oh Christi never stop posting. I so enjoy hearing all the new things Addi comes up with. She definitely has the "business" side of her daddy. Enjoy each and every moment with her they grow up so fast. Thanks, Aunt Marlene from Kansas.