Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello to All - Just a quick note to let you know staples are out and not a tear shed! She did amazing and while we were at the doctors office we also got a wart frozen. I know crazy that she has a wart already, but like father like daughter.
With that being said we are back to our routine. I one more time thought I would get a stomach bug or food poisoning, I am leaning towards food poisoning (scallops and shrimp...not good) But we are both 100% (for now)
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Addi is such a big girl :) I know I couldn't do what she does! Stat healthy!

AB said...

You are both so good about all this medical stuff. Maybe Addi is heading for a career in medicine...Paging Dr. Johnson, you are needed in the ER and your Mom is on line 1.

Anonymous said...

So,we need to think of a nickname to go along with Mouth....maybe Florence Nightingale? It is good to see that Addi is making her own history....through the medical journals....sweet girl.
Take care and sending love, hugs, and armour!
The Glidewell Group

Hamiltonygji said...

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