Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well we did it. Our first half day of Kindergarten was yesterday. She marched right in there, proudly showed off her Cousin Morgan and never looked back. Her school is very smart and has the parents stay the first day so the kids don't have to worry about being dropped off and going. This also works because it doesn't allow for tears from really anyone. Seriously as a parent are you going to sit there and cry in front of everyone, especially when the kids are having so much fun. We are very lucky to have so much support also on our first day. We received so many phone calls, texts and emails. Some friends and family came to our house in the morning to take pictures on the front steps (Thanks Mr. Phil and Tracia). Grand-Daddy Berry, Aunt Caroline and Morgan walked with us into school helping keep Daddy's wish to walk Addi to Kindergarten. I think she felt the love and support. Addi also showed her friends her locket and a picture of her Daddy to all her friends. (I do have much sympathy for her teacher, she might have some explaining to do with other parents.) Then we came home to a ton of balloons from Grams and Papa since they are away on a trip. What a wonderful Day!
Today was our first day of drop off and our first full day. I am proud to say, she never even looked back. I tried to pause and freeze into my memory his little bouncy walk in with such a HUGE backpack on her back. For those wondering her outfit didn't miss a beat today along with showing off her new shoes. It all went so fast I wasn't able to take a picture "picture" this morning instead just one of those wonderful memories I hope my old brain can keep in place for me.
Someday I will try and get some pictures up again. But until then, thank you again for carrying us through this journey.
All our Love
Christi and my Kindergarten Girl - Addi or Addison as she prefers to be called now...at least at school.

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Anonymous said...

Saw the pics and I remember rides with Bo where he talked about wnating to be there to walk Addi to school. I know he was. I miss you guys and I miss Bo Johnson more than you know.

Jay Rob