Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello to all, this is Christi. Bo and I want to apologize for not writing sooner, we have had a bunch of things happen in the last week. As we mentioned before we saw the doctor last Tuesday and when he eyeballed the scans everything appeared to be stable. When they went back and measured everything, it appears there has been some growth. The doctors called us on Friday with this information and requested we come up on Tuesday to talk about it a little more in depth and check out our options. Needless to say there was a little panic on Friday, but we truly believe still that we can fight this. Bo's cancer, since it isn't one large mass but more like rice scattered throughout his lungs, is harder to measure. That isn't saying his cancer isn't growing that is saying there is a possibility that this could be something else. Not quite sure what I would want it to be, but knowing as with any cancer nothing is set in stone. If his cancer can find a way to grow, then we just have to find another way to make it stop. We are trying another drug called Avastin. It has always been an option for us, we have just been waiting until the right time to try it. Bo is in WI right now, but he will talk more about this. I know this is huge to just put out there all the sudden, but do understand that we all are all right. We are going to keep fighting. Bo is still feeling good, he has never felt bad, they keep telling us all this stuff is happening, we think they might be crazy. Just kidding, not funny I know. But sometimes everyting is just a little to real.
On another note, we had our first Addi's Cure fundraiser Monday night. IT WAS SUCH A SUCCESS! Thank you everyone for coming and supporting us, we are honored to know and meet such wonderful and generous people. (I don't want to steal Bo's thunder, so he will write about this also)
Everyone take care, please know that we all Bo, Addi and myself are doing alright. But if you want to do something, please keep praying.
Love you all


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update, and the news. We will step up the prayers from Dsm, IA and please keep us posted. We are confident that Bo's (and your entire family) strength and attitude will prevail. He will beat this! It'll take a group effort...God, doctors, drugs, Bo's determination, and prayers from around the country. Thanks again for the update and God bless. -- Lori B.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are always with Bo and you sis. Love you all.

Cyndi and Ami

Anonymous said...

The fundraiser dinner was an absolutely incredible and moving experience! This was our first time meeting the Johnson's and what a blessing it was to meet such a beautiful, determined, and loving family. We couldn't have picked a better place to be that night than with you, your family, and friends. Our prayers and thoughts are with you!