Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello Everyone! (Christi here) Sorry we have been gone for so long...we are out there just living life! The beach was great. Addi isn't a huge fan of sand (she got wiped out by a wave one of the times we were in Hawaii) but she loved the seashells. We have extra if anyone needs some. She also loved having her family and friends close by. She woke up (after hollaring for Daddy) saying Peyton, Patterson, Lena, Phil and then proceeded to say the rest of the family...even Uncle Mikey. We had a nice relaxing weekend, Bo did catch a cold at the end, so we are trying to get him to rest (Which is like try to get Addi to sit down, impossible)
I do have to mention JULY 23rd...please mark your calendars if you are going to be in the L.A. area (Lawrence Area) at that time. My family and friends are putting on an Addi's Cure event at 23rd Street Brewery in 3512 Clinton Parkway...please come. The restaurant is giving a percentage of all dinner tickets back to Addi's Cure. We are working on a other items, hopefully, but more importantly I would love to see everyone in Kansas. (if anyone wants to help or knows a company that would love to help sponsor, just email me at

Talk with everyone soon!

Christi and Addi

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Anonymous said...

hey guys...i was so excited to hear that you are doing something in lawrence...i am going to try and make that, if i am not on the road:)...let me know if you ever need any NCAA gear for any events that you might have...

glad to hear you guys are doing well. i think of you guys often!!

hopefully we can catch up soon-
angie cretors