Thursday, June 14, 2007

Today I want to dedicate the blog to Kaitlyn and Madelyn Lloyd. These young ladies are very special and have done a very nice thing. They live in Chapel Hill and are the nieces of Phil and Lena. They decided that they wanted to do something for Addi's Cure, so they started raising money. Remember, these girls are 11 and 5. They each got a jar and off they went. You can see the jars in the picture. They raised over $100.00 for Addi's Cure. I just thought they should be recognized for standing out. Thanks Girls! You get a boat ride soon!

I hope everyone is doing well. I also wanted to announce the birth of Mia Regan Bradley to my buddy Lee. He is really going to see what he has been kidding me about!

I also did get a copy of the news report on TV they did on lung cancer that had Christi, Addi, and me in it. We are putting it on the web now, so look soon. is the website....


Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day, Bo!

Anonymous said...


My dad has been diagnosed with Small Cell Lung Cancer, he is having his first chemo treatment today. In doing some research on lung cancer myself...I have come across the following and thought you might like to share it with other people as well. Part of the proceeds go towards lung cancer.

Lung Cancer Alliance is now in partnership with Giveline. Giveline is an online store similar to There are books, movies, music, and electronics galore! When you shop Giveline, you can select LCA as
your designated charity. Part of the proceeds from what you buy will go directly to the organization. Here is the link if you are interested.
Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that might be interested!