Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hello Everyone (Christi) So I beat a week by one day. For those out there sorry about that. Things here have been a typical summer. Addi just finished up with her swim lessons this week. She loves the water, but was a little mad at the teacher. (The first day she fell off the steps and went under water. I do have to say she did well. She held her breath and tried to swim, but needless to day she was a little mad and untrusting of the teacher) But by the end they would play, swim and blow bubbles together.
This weekend is Bo's annual golf tournament with the boys in the Pinehurst location. (I was corrected that they are not playing Pinehurst, just in the area) So he will be off to that and enjoying some male bonding time. Scary thought. So Addi and I will be hanging with the other husband less wives, probably talking smack about how they left us with the kids and we need to pay them back with the trip to New York, shopping.
Anyway things here are good.
Bo did have a question about his diet. He is still maintaining eating healthy. Each morning he has a shake, smoothie and for dinner we eat a lot of fish and organic veggies. If you live in the Cornelius/Huntersville area there is a great company, Absolute Organics, that once a week delivers a box full of organic veggies and fruits. They change up each week, so it is nice to eat different foods. It is a little hard to maintain the diet when sauces are pretty much out of the question. We grill a lot of foods. I stay away from sauces that have high fructose corn syrup, which is about anything that tastes good. (I guess if you pour the sugar in anything because sweet and good) So that limits us some. I still believe staying away from sugars is important. So I am working on my natural spices, we have learned we are not huge rosemary fans :( There is limit to how much you can add.
Enough rambling about food, thank goodness Bo doesn't post what I cook anymore. I was feeling a lot of pressure.
Take care everyone and see you soon


Debbi said...

Thanks for the meal update, Christi. I was bragging about Bo's diet last night to a pediatric oncologist, who totally gave it a thumbs-up. Have fun shopping! Heh.

Unknown said...

What dates should I book my ticket for NYC? I heard the Ritz has some nice rooms. I'm sure that's where the guys would want us to stay! HA!

--Another Mom home with the kids while the dear husband is out playing golf at Pinehurst. Carolyn :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't tease guys DEFINITELY deserve a trip to NYC. And to make it worth the boys while too, we can set up cooking lessons...I'll be in charge of the wine :).
Tracy Lingo

Anonymous said...

Try Cilantro. It grows like a weed and It makes anything taste better, especially fish. I put it on Tilapia with lemon juice and black pepper. then broil it. It is off the hook. Will be there first week of August. Bringing my bike, so Bo will have to put his clubs down for a few. Hope this finds you well.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a detailed response. I also am a fan of cilantro! Another great and fast way to cook fish that I love is to poach it in vegies.. saute some shredded carrots, tomatoes and herbs (or other vegies), put in some water (or vegie broth)and put the fish into the mixture for a few minutes. Works great with tilapia, cod, etc. And is a change from grilling. You are definitely a superhero for all that you do in the kitchen! Just be careful...Oprah may hire you away! ha ha.

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