Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Arin, Christina, and Monroe came to see us from Miami and also to attend Touch A Truck today. They had a good time and Monroe was born the same day as Addi, so they had a good time playing together. Arin and I shared an apartment at ASU while I was there.

I read all of the logs and I thank you for weighing in on whether I should get a lung transplant or wait on science.... One asked a question if I had to take meds to make the new lungs not be rejected, and the answer is yes. If you have not weighed in yet, please do....

Today was Touch A Truck, and I am not sure how it could have gone any better. There were at least 1500 people there, and it was HOT! Tracey Greene is the one who thought of the idea to have it, and Addi's Cure was the cause she decided to use. We really appreciate it. Tracey, Christi, Rachel, Lena, Robin, Candace, and Amy did such a great job in planning this event. I heard nothing but great things from everyone who left. There were also other volunteers that did a lot as well. Brian was the cow and James was Elmo. I know they were hot. Walker, Jared, Anna, Jamie, Heather, Emily, Tracia, and I know I am forgetting some people, did such a good job helping. It was a huge success. We raised over $7,000 for Addi's Cure. Later this week I will give everyone an update on what we have done this year. I hope that these events will keep going. This would mean Addi's Cure would have a schedule like this:

Spring: Addi's Cure dinner in Cornelius, NC
Summer: Addi's Cure event in Lawrence, KS
Fall: Touch A Truck event in Cornelius, NC
Winter: Fund raiser but no event.

This would be great.

I am very lucky to have the support group I have. Part of the reason I am still here is that people have shown they care.....


Anonymous said...

touch a truck was AWESOME! We had so much fun!!
Thanks -Laurie, Emma, Brooks and Tim

Anonymous said...

Bo and Christi-Addi's Cure sure is something that the two of you should be proud of. Not only are you raising funds for an amazing cause, but you are putting smiles on the faces of so many others as you do so. Not only did the children at Touch a Truck have a great time, many of the volunteers who brought the vehicles are already asking to come back next year. You both have made an incredible impression on the lives of so many people around you. Keep fighting. The amazing turnout at Touch a Truck today proves that you have a whole community of people behind both of you. Heather and Jeremy Koster

Anonymous said...

Just keep this picture in your mind ALL THE TIME "I am well, my body is well, my body is healthy. I am at my daughters wedding. I have more children." Keep putting those kinds of futures there (of course your own, these are just my idea of what yours might be). Do not let anything cloud these. No matter what the doctors say the outlook is, no matter how bad a day you've had. Write them down, and if you are having a bad day, read YOUR FUTURES. It will bring you back up. Simply disagree with any other reality. If anyone can do it- you can.
POWER OF THE MIND DOES MIRACLES!!! And if more people are putting these pictures there, IT WILL HAPPEN!
I know I am putting these futures for you! you Are ok, you are healthy. I want this for you. Hey, maybe you can post what your future is and get all of us reading your blog to AGREE that it WILL happen. Power of the numbers!
As far as your physical treatment, this is what I would do. Tackle the cancer from all the sides so it can do nothing but GO AWAY. I frequently come accross articles of people curing their cancer by variuos alternative means. And there are the ones that cure it by conventional means. Why put all your eggs in one basket? I would try ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, alternative and matter what the doctors say (if they cannot tell me it will work 100% why would they stop me from trying other things concurrenly especially if those are natural things to do and supplements to take in addition to conventional treatment). I think todays food is full of toxins and chemicals, pesticides on fruits and veggies, the air we breathe is polluted, milk full of antibiotics and hormones. Most people are severely dehydrated. Sodas and canned drinks are pure chemicals. There comes a point our bodies say, that's it, I can't take it anymore and get sick.
Cancer cells cannot grow in alkaline environment. Drinking alkaline water helps body not be acidic. Cancel cells need acidic environment to multiply and grow.
Well, this is just one of the 11 natural ways to cure cancer...see the links below.
I would do ALL OF those. yes, it may take some time but hey...who or all is bound to work!
The worst thing one can do is wait. I know you know that because you are a man of action.
Well, those are my thoughts...I hope it helps.
Best wishes- no, best futures for you!!!800&keyword=%2Acancer%2A&match_type=

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