Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello everyone, Christi here, boy is it nice to have nothing new to report. I am good with boring for a while. I am afraid the holidays will pick things back up, but you have to love being with family. Anyway, just a short shameless plug out there for everyone shopping online this Christmas. Please consider going to and registering. You can choose Addi's Cure as your choice of charity or any charity out there. This is a great website having the big stores give a percentage back to charity. If you download their software, igive will automatically pop up and you do not have to shop through their website, they will link it up for you and boom money is given. Thanks to those that are already using it, we have raised a couple hundred dollars for doing nothing but buying presents for loved ones. Please see the info and link below if you want to link up with Addi's Cure. Thanks for all you help and feel free to email if you have problems logging in and downloading.

Take care
Christi and Addi

Use this link if you want to register with Addi's Cure...

Hi_______here, along with, inviting you to change YOUR online shopping into support for a truly worthy cause.
I'm supporting Addi's Cure, just by shopping online at over 681 online stores. And right now, my surfing can help too: when I visit online stores through, it counts as an entry in's Surfathon sweepstakes for a chance to win a $1,000 donation! They're giving away $1000 to 5 winning causes, every month for 10 months! I hope you'll join me for more chances to win - just join for free and check out their stores. You don't even have to buy anything!
If you do happen to make a purchase through within 45 days of joining, will donate an EXTRA $5 to your favorite cause! With over 681 participating stores, it's easy to find the things you need AND support a good cause.
1. Join to support Addi's Cure It's free, safe, and easy to join.
2. Shop through OR just surf their stores Their online mall features trusted online retailers like Lands' End, Staples, NORDSTROM, JCPenney, eBay,, Barnes & Noble, QVC, & PETsMART to name just a few!
3. Watch the $$ roll in for Addi's Cure!
Up to 26% of EACH purchase is donated, plus a bonus $5 donation if you shop within 45 days. The more stores you visit, the more chances to win a $1,000 donation during the Surfathon!
So, to recap:
Join for free, shop within 45 days of joining, and you'll get an extra $5 donation, FREE. And even if you don't shop, simply visiting stores through means more chances to win a $1000 donation during the Surfathon! This is a limited time offer - you can click the link below to learn more:
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I hope to see you at soon.
P.S. would like you to know that all the causes at have been listed by members for their own and others' benefit. They don't endorse the causes, and the causes don't endorse them. But I DO! So, c'mon, click on that link above.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bo,
It's the Cwik Clan from Michigan checking on you. We sure have been thinking about you and what you have had to endure. We admire your strength and courage, and pray for you everyday.
Dave, Dawn, David and Rachel