Sunday, November 04, 2007

Make sure you look below for some pictures of me and Addi at Halloween!

This weekend was really great. I had the best time and really was surprised and amazed. I am going to start on Sunday and go backwards.


I woke up and it was nice to be able to "sleep" in. The time change was nice, and of course Addi woke us up when she was ready. Christi fixed pancakes for Addi and I so it started off really good. We just hung around all morning, and Dr. Dan made a house call around lunch. He is the person that preforms acupuncture for me. I could not go as much as I needed last week, so he is really cool and came over. I stayed pinned for about an hour. Then Brian, Justin, Phil, Donelle, and I went to the go cart track. This is the real deal, where they go up to 60 mph. I cam in last, and Justin beat us all. It was a lot of fun. Brian and I went back, and with Christi, Addi, and Jennifer, watched the New England vs. Indianapolis game. Basically after that, paid bills, etc.

Now to tell you the other part of my weekend, I have to start on Friday. Friday the family headed down to Myrtle Beach for Richard Berry's client appreciation event. That meant I got to spend a lot of time with Addi and Christi in the car. Unfortunately, I was on the phone a lot. We got down to the hotel, and it was on the beach, so we took Addi to the beach. She found several shells and was highly upset to leave for dinner. We met the Berry's for dinner. Have you ever met someone and knew it was right? This is how it is with the Berry's. They work with my company, but our relationship is far from business now. It is truly friendship. We have done this with several people that work with us. For me, I can think of Kevin S., Larry G., John K., and that is off the top of my head. Very blessed for these relationships. We had dinner at The Brentwood in Little River, SC and it was awesome. Food was awesome as well, but company was better. All of the Berry's (Richard, Jan, Jana, Jamison, and Jordan) were there, as well as Jim and Jamie, Tracia, Caroline and Mike, Bill, and Jo. After dinner, we all went to bed.

On Saturday, we woke up and had breakfast. We went to the Berry's Client Appreciation Day at The Dixie Stampede in Myrtle Beach. Now, whatever i say from this point will not do justice to what happen. The worse part is I know I will leave things out as well. Trust me, it was really amazing. The Dixie Stampede probably holds about 1,000 people, and over 800 were there. There was a horse show and lunch, and it was really good food and fun. Addi loved the horses. Richard came out of the ceiling in a super man outfit and proclaimed himself the safe money man. It was hilarious. Addi called him the "money bird" and really laughed and thought he was funny. Then they called us down and made a presentation. They had raised $7,505 for Addi's Cure. I have never really put numbers with people, but I was amazed at what they had done for us. American Equity was there and they presented Addi's Cure a check as well. Last but not least, Michael C. and his company gave a donation as well. All in all, I was overwhelmed. Christi was too.

There is really not much I can do to show my appreciation for what everyone has done for Addi's Cure. I try to tell the stories of what the Berry's and others do for the cause, and I hope it is not lost my admiration for all the help I have been given. Addi's Cure has been a great distraction for me, and your support has made me believe that anything can be done. I will post soon and let you know the total for 2007 as well as since inception, but it will make you cry. Every dollar, I mean every cent, will be used for research. I hope we can make a dent where the government is short. Did you know that the government approved a study for yellow bees and pumpkins that will have more funding than lung cancer? What in the world!

This weekend was special and I hope I did some justice to it..... Thanks again to the Berry's for a wonderful weekend.....

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sounds like an amazing weekend!!!! glad you guys had fun! see you soon!