Monday, February 04, 2008

Hello everyone...I hope that the weather is treating everyone alright. I have family here right now which is really nice. A little bit of home is always good for the heart and soul. Bo stayed home today, he is still a little under the weather. He can't seem to get over his head cold and I am sure chemo every three weeks isn't really helping. We did get stronger antibiotics so hopefully this will knock it out.

I did want to send a little reminder. We are now officially less than a month away from the next Addi's Cure Function. So please, please tell everyone you know to come. You do have to purchase ticket ahead of time for $50 and for anyone looking for tickets either email, call me, some girl friends of mine are selling some or stop by Bo's office the front desk is selling them when Bo and I are not there. We are trying to bring another 100 people to this event, so we need some help recruiting people to this outstanding event, if I might say so myself. Just a reminder to bring cash, this is truly a cash bar, no credit card machines. There is also an incredible silent auction thanks to Mindy and Michelle, actually a huge thanks to them for the whole event. We are also have a diamond raffle that night and tickets are $50 for that as well. We will give more specifics on the diamond later. (I have to find a way to keep you all reading for more info) We do need to have most of the tickets sold by February 15th, so if you are planning on coming please look to purchase soon.

Thanks fo everyone for supporting Addi's Cure and I can't wait to see you all in your tropical, summer attire March 1st.

Christi and Addi

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Scott and Katie said...

Hey guys!
We need more info on the Addi's Cure event coming up in February. I couldn't seem to find anything about it on the Addi's Cure website and I just wanted to send out an email to some friends in Charlotte to help spread the word about the event. Keep us posted!
Thanks! Take care of yourselves!!!
Katie Williams