Thursday, May 29, 2008

Here’s what we have so far today. Bo is still in ICU and is still sedated. His potassium levels are high which is causing his urine flow to slow. The doctors are looking at different alternates to correct it. Christi was in to see him early this morning, but hasn’t been in since and is waiting for an update from the surgeons.

This is all we have as of now. As I get news from Christi (and we are in contact frequently) I’ll post it.

Continue to pray!



Anonymous said...

Brian, Thank you so much for the updates. We all appreciate you doing this, so Christi's phone is not ringing off the hook.

Keeping hanging in there Bo (and Christi too). We love you.

Her sister in Iowa

Anonymous said...

Yes, thank you. Hope all of you can feel the tidal wave of prayers being sent your way. Even though I've only met Bo and the family through cyberspace, I firmly believe I have never met any group as strong or resilient as this gang. So, keep on. Keep on. Your cyber posse is cheering you on. Sarah, Chicago.

Anonymous said...


You and Christi have been on my mind ever since my first log onto the blog to see the news yesterday. Please know that Larry and I are holding you close in our prayers and thoughts.


I can't even imagine what you must be going through. Bo's got a lot to deal with, thank God he has drugs to help him cope. There's not much medicine to help with the feelings of helplessness and fear that you must be experiencing. I know that your faith and your wonderful family will carry you through, but want you to know that I'm throwing in a special prayer for you from one wife to another. May you find calm and peace, rest and energy, and soon, may you find joy and relief.

Tammy P (Omaha)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you know the magnitude of prayers that are coming your way Johnson Family. Keep the faith- he is gonna be okay!

Anonymous said...

Brian, thank you for initiating the blog. We at Rehab are fondly attached to Bo and were devasted by his news. We are confident that his faith in the Lord and the strength of his family will support him during his trials.

Charlotte, NC Presbyterian Rehab

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more powerful on this Earth than the power of prayer. Also, Bo is a fighter and has the strongest will to live that I have ever seen in any human being. He just needs all of our prayers to help him get through this and on the road to recovery. Also, please don't forget Christi, Addi, as well as Bo and Christi's families and friends, in your daily prayers. Keep the faith. It is only a matter of time before Bo improves, with our prayers, and with help from the Big Guy, upstairs.