Monday, May 12, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. The Johnson Family had a busy weekend. Christi and Addi went over to Lena and Phil's on Saturday morning to help out and watch the kids as Lena had somethings to do, then went to a Tea Party for my Mom with Tracia and Caroline. I played golf with Phil in a tournament and we came in second. We came home and Addi had a nap, then we took her with Aunt Tracia to a Japanese steak house where they prepare the food right at the table. She liked it ok, but was a little bit overwhelmed during parts of it. Sunday we went to church, hit Dunkin Doughnuts since Addi was such a good girl. We also had a big storm here in the afternoon with hail and tornado warnings. We then went to see my Mom and called it a night.

We are currently still waiting on the call, but just living as normally as possible. This week is our annual FIG trip to Napa Valley, and I can't go. It is a little sad, I have never missed an FIG trip. Next year we are taking everyone to the Dominican Republic, so I hope I will be back on track. I think we will have about 160 people in Napa, and I will miss them all. I really do love my job and all the people associated with it. Someone has to stay back and watch the ship!

Just a note - in December I weighed 149 pounds and now I am back up to 181. I have been eating everything in site. I really feel that the pulmonary rehab has helped me a lot.


Anonymous said...

You really look great and we are so happy your playing golf again. I know that things are going to continue to go well and we continue to keep you, Christi and Addi in our prayers!!!
All our love,
Candace and Walker

Jerrold said...

Bo keep working out and can I take your place in Nor. Cal. I need to go back this time as a tourist not a patient.

Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

Hey Buddy,

Second place in a golf tournament playing with Phil? You musta been shooting lights out! haha Figured Phil might read this!

I'm glad you're gaining weight and playing "good" golf!

Always in our prayers
Jason, Micah, Gracie, "Angel" Gabi, and Hopefully here sooner than later Baby Kinsley!