Saturday, October 18, 2008

Funny that I read the post before saying, Talk about a long day...We have had another one, but a fun one! Today I got up and went to the lung cancer run in Cornelius. I tried to get there and back before my two sleepers woke up and I almost made it. It was a 5K and 15K...very impressive turnout and nicely done. (I did the 5K walking. I have decided that the 5 months of sitting in a hospital didn't do much for my physical fitness, a little sore already tonight.) To check it out visit..
Then Bo's Dad and Papa came to visit. It was great seeing them. Bo's Dad, Berry, spent a lot of time with me during the two procedures. It was great to see him again. He was excited to see Bo doing so well with their own eyes. Once again hard to believe he was so sick, he is doing well. We all had lunch at the house and then got to get ready for Addi's B-day party. It was great seeing everyone and Addi is so sad that all her friends are not at our house right now playing with her. (Note sorry we missed those that could not attend. We had to keep our numbers small due to exposing Bo to germs. Thank you for understanding. I promise when we can get some time under our belt we will invite everyone that reads this that can get here.)
So now we are at the house, I have yet to unload the car. I think I will do that after our Princess goes to bed and then bring out one present per week or something like that. I think we will put in a princess movie sit down and deal with everything else tomorrow.
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo

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