Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Good Afternoon - Sorry for the weird posting times, but we are having a weird week. I decided that I would try to stay in Cornelius to help Addi get to school and all her fun activities - friends, friends and friends. But as you all know, I have never left Bo this long. He is in very capable hands, Tracia Bo's sister, but so hard not to see him all the time. He had a rough weekend a little, just not feeling well, so that didn't make it any easier to send him off. But I am hoping Bo will come home within the next month and there are things around here I need to get done.
I also have a birthday party to plan. It is hard to believe our princess will be 3 on Monday. Crazy! I personally feel like she needs the party of all parties, at 3 she has seen, experienced and done way to much. The world should revolve around here, because as well all know becoming an adult comes way to fast. I hate that Addi knows doctors, nurses, what a ventilator is and does, and all the other stuff. But then again that's life and the cards we are dealt. So I will put her in med school early. Just kidding.
Bo is resting well today and I will see him Wednesday night, Thursday we are All Day Doctor Day again and then home Friday. I will post in between then to let you know how things around going.
Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo

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Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear that Bo was able to come home for a little while. We are very pleased that Bo is doing so well in rehab and wish you back to Cornelius ASAP! :o)