Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello to All - I just wanted to let you all see my new favorite picture...
I also wanted to ask everyone to say a special prayer for our friends Sue and Tom. Tom passed away Monday night from a long fight after his transplant. Sue has been a rock for Addi and I when Bo was in the hospital and we were living at the summer house. Sue especially has a special place in Addi's heart, they played dress up, got the monster our from under the bed and wore their ball gowns to dinner. I hope that we can be as good of friends to her these next couple weeks as she was for us this summer.
Thank you everyone
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Anonymous said...

That is a great picture. And we hope to see you soon.


Candace said...

Our thoughts and prayers will be with her. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers as well.
All our love,
Candace, Walker and Connor

Great Pic, thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

This picture is very cute! Bo looks great! Your friends are in our prayers.Glad to see Bo is doing so well!
Still in my prayers-
Kelsie Allen

Anonymous said...

I will say a prayer for your friends. Bo looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!
My Love,

Anonymous said...

Good to see pictures of you all. Merry Christmas.