Friday, January 09, 2009

First Hello, Second Sorry. There is no excuse not to write and thank everyone everyday for what you all do for us. Helping, praying, thinking and supporting so always thank you. What have we been doing? Hmmmm
First my family came to visit for a bit, Addi always loves seeing her PapaCow and Grandma. She is very taken with Cousin Ami and Aunt Cyndi also. Anyone that will let her paint your toes is a keeper in her book. Then have been trying to get back on schedule since the holidays, Bo, Addi and myself. Getting up in time for preschool, Bo has been working on getting a schedule down and then extending his time working out and being at work. Right now his biggest obstacle is overcoming his tiredness. Everything is still exhausting, not as exhausting, but hard work. God is truly teaching him patience, he can move no faster than allowed and for all you that know Bo personally, patience is something he has little of and even less of moving slower.
This week we also met with our dear friend Sue. It was amazing to see her and her strength. She is an inspiration to see her carry through. For those of your following, Dear Bob seems to be occupying his time, I miss his hugs and jokes, but I hope soon to see with my own eyes that he is doing well. Marilyn is home and learning to adjust to life there. She is forever the fighter and is regaining control of how she would like her life to run, with strength and grace of course.
This week should hopefully be another of "normal". Bo is feeling better from his cold, my heart still skips a beat every time he coughs, but I try to calm myself that Bo will get sick and he will get better. Addi is all about the Panthers right now, dear God, if she ever met Steve Smith in person, with his jersey on, I think my 3 year old might faint. Tonight her make believe friend was Steve, he comes to the door, calls us on the phone, scores touchdowns and talks with his best friend Jake. She is a riot and should be fun tomorrow night during the Panthers game (at least half of the game)
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Whitney said...

Hope Addi didn't take the Panthers' loss too hard. There's always next season! Wishing you a 2009 full of blessings and restored health.
Whitney Brown Corrigan

Peter Macon said...

Hi Bo - Christi - Addi!

I read Bo's progress regularly -- nicely done guys!

I continue pray for you -- and know that we continue this fight against Lung Cancer. Kate's foundation is fully organized - we are planning our 1st Art for Life Gala April 25th. It will be my honor to see you there.


Peter Macon