Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello - to the point. Friday is our day. We didn't get the news we wanted, but I would have to say it is the next best thing. Dr. Crawford, being the wonderful man that he is, took it upon himself to consult with the best at Duke. Dr. Kirkpatrick agrees with the findings in Radiology that the first spot was a stroke, there is a word for it, funny to, I will have to look it up. The second one he agrees is still "suspicious". That word makes me panic, but my understanding is that anything they cannot rule definitively on is considered suspicious. The spot is millimeters small and there isn't a definitively conclusion. But, not to get our hopes up, after conferring with Dr. Kirkpatrick and Bo's other team of doctors, Dr. Palmer and such it is an agreement they feel it is highly unlikely it is cancer. As told to us before, it is rare for Bo's cancer to go anywhere outside of his lungs. With all the complications Bo had during the transplant they agree it is more probable that it is another stroke, infection or complication from his procedure. With that being said they all agree now is not the time for Bo to undergo brain surgery. We first want Bo at full optimal health and in the meantime we will take the wait and see method. We will have another MRI in 6 weeks and see what is happening. It does appear as I mentioned to be extremely small and superficial, so if surgery is needed it should be an "easier one to do". (Is that possible?)
So we didn't get the complete news we wanted, but I will take wait and see over the other any day. Bo's odds haven't always been good (I always ask him why he couldn't have just won the lottery with things that are happening to him aka cancer, transplant problems and such, but maybe 2009 will be our year to celebrate)
Thank you so much for the prayers. Our next visit with Duke is in 2 weeks to see Dr. Palmer, he takes care of Bo after transplant, and then 4 weeks from that we see Dr. Crawford again with another MRI. Who would have thought a UNC fan and a KU fan would love Duke so much...
Love to All
Christi, Bo, and Addi


Anonymous said...

This IS good news! It's always scary to have a medical team tell you they don't know but we'll take that over knowing that its bad. Maybe those spots have nothing to do with Bo's recent history/issues and are just evidence of rowdier days? (teasing hahah!)

Keep the faith and enjoy your 'normal' daily routine. Christi, you are such a blessing to Bo. Your strength and support are an immeasurable contributing force to the amazing progess and outcomes you two have already seen.

Bo, you are a testament to the term "will to live"! We are all with you everyday, thinking of you and sending you prayers and positive energy but no one will ever be able to fully appreciate your unique situation. Keep the positive outlook and your eye on that long term ball. Just think, you're not too far away from walking Addi to kindergarden. Then you'll be setting new milestones to look forward to, first slumber party, junior high, first boyfriend, senior high, driving, graduation, college, do they grow fast!

Love to you all,

Tammy & Larry - Omaha

Candace said...

I really cannot express my happiness for you guys. You both are an inspiration to all of us :) We will continue to keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers.
all of our love,
candace, walker and connor

Anonymous said...

This is good news. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear good news. I will be sure to pass it on to Chris. I am so thrilled that things are looking good in 2009!! Love you guys and keep writing.
Crystal in CT

Anonymous said...

This IS good news. Just take care of the short term goals and the rest will work itself out. You are working with the "Best of the Best"-please take solice in that. All of my continued prayers and positive thoughts. BTW-Heels,Blue Devils and KU in the final 4! No Terps............

Anonymous said...

My whole family is praying for all of you.. The prayers and faith of many wonderful people in this world have worked so far. Hang in there....It has to be so hard. Keep busy and know that we are helping you fight this battle from afar. Take care!

Cindy R

Anonymous said...

We are praying for all of you and I just can't help but be really optimistic!!! Bo has overcome so much and is so strong, he will come through whatever this is. With that said the Meyers in Michigan will be praying everyday. We miss you guys!Kiss that Addi girl for me!

Theresa and Kevin

Anonymous said...

Just so you know some of the first scans I got after coming off chemo and my operation they also saw a couple "strokes" or "spots". They said they same thing that it was scarring or residual. the good news was a couple scans later they were gone! I know it is tough at the time as it freak me out to no end but know there is a bunch of weird stuff that can happen after all bo has been through and sometimes spots really can be just that and I am sure they are in this case too. Brendon