Sunday, May 03, 2009

Another fabulous weekend down. The weather held off most of the weekend and we just hung out as a family. Some cleaning, getting some stuff done around the house, a lot of dress up and cleaning toys up and some Friday Night Movie Night.
This week we are off the Duke on Tuesday for another Brain MRI, this should hopefully be out last one as long for a while, as long as nothing changes. (We are praying for stable, but we will take gone as well) We will hopefully get to talk about future treatment plans for Bo and keeping the cancer away. All of that has been on hold waiting to get Bo back and fully functioning and also making sure there was nothing going on in that head of his...hahaha - I might need to check and make sure there is something in there. Funny I know.... The future treatment plan is exciting, but kind of like waiting for the transplant call. I am assuming this plan will go smoother and easier than transplant, but with Bo you never know. We are unsure of what path to take, how Bo will react to medicines or chemo if we go that route. I am sort of deferring to the doctors and dragging my feet. Lord knows I do not want to cancer to come back, but it feels like yesterday that I got to get me Bo back. Selfishly I want him for a little longer, but I would never chance that cancer coming back. So off we go to talk with the doctors.
Thanks for you love and support and I promise I will post of pictures of Addi soon - Easter - dress up and everything else she does.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi
PS - if you are wondering what happened to Bo, "crack-book" I mean facebook...

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Anonymous said...

I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow and will say a prayer!
My Love,