Monday, April 27, 2009

We had another great weekend. This weekend we didn't plan to much, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, remember we kept it easy for Bo 04-24-04...We took Addi to the movies to see "Earth". She did better this time, but no shock to anyone, our child talks a lot. I forgot suckers, that I normally bring to help keep her quite. She loved the ducks trying to fly and over course the elephants. After the movie, she showed her Mommy's talent of the crane toy games...I love those and she won her first toy, Dopey.
Saturday Bo worked out with the trainer and then we went out of the boat. Addi loves to go fast and giggles as the wind blows in her ears. The water is still too cold. The kid also loves to fish. We lost our first fished rod earlier in the week, it is at the bottom of the lake, but after many tears and begging the fishys to bring it back, Mommy was back a Target for another one. We are back in the fishing world, Mommy even got her fishing license. So we will Bo be sitting at the end of the dock.
Sunday was church and donuts. Then back out on the boat for just a little bit. Rest and then I drug Bo to see Legally Blonde the play. It was cute, but Bo said he paid his dues for our anniversary.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi
PS - We see Dr. Crawford and Susan on May 5th for our next and hopefully last brain MRI, at least for a while.

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