Saturday, April 04, 2009

Well finally the sun is back. It really came back yesterday, but I didn't want to jinx it and it looks like it will be here all day! I am even more happy to say that Bo is back on the golf course today! The first time since transplant! knowing him I am sure he will be very frustrated with his game, but I am sure there was a time he doubted he would ever be there. He head cold is finally going away, so that makes me feel better, although Addi might have it. I think she also has some allergy to something, so it might be that also. Darn those allergies.
So Addi and I are off to plant more flowers/
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi
PS - not trying to beat a dead horse, but we still have tickets for sale for our Addi's Cure event. we just secured our big prize - a 50in Flatscreen TV from Best Buy in Mooresville! come and play! Just email me if you need tickets...

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Anonymous said...

Fore! Beware everyone within 200 yard! I was so incredibly happy to see the golf date-
My Love,