Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello to All! The rain is finally moving out and we now get to play outside! Yeah...Addi just watched the new Barbie movie Thumbilena? (however you spell that) and now ever tulip we pass carries a fairy inside it. I feel bad for our neighbors because they have some beautiful tulips and we are always in their yard trying to see a fairy.
Another funny Addi story. Just when you think they are not paying attention...Addi and I are at church and for communion (we are catholic) they just give the little kids a blessing. We now at our house the coasters are communion and she get the be the priest (whom every time she sees him she asks me that that is God) and she pretends to get it out with a "Peace be with You" We still pray for Uncle Leon first and then everyone else. Not quite sure what Uncle Leon did, but heaven's gate it wide open for him.
Switching gears. Tickets are being sold for the Addi's Cure event. Please either email or ask whom you bought from last year. We are so excited for this year's event and getting to see our friends that we haven't really been able to spend the last year with. We certainly understand the economic times, but we do hope you all can make it. Also if you are on Facebook, look for Addi's Cure, we are now spreading the news that way as well. Please invite everyone you know!
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi (the priest)

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"Miss Kim" said...

Love hearing the "Addi stories". I sure am going to miss having her in my class next year. She has been a delight and a joy to me as well as her classmates.
Miss Kim