Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hello - I hope you all are enjoying the weather we are getting right now. For those of you not in North Carolina, we are high 70's and sun. Don't worry we are about to get cold and rainy, but it sure is nice right now.
Things here are good. We are trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible with a lot of family outings. Addi is getting good at riding her bike. We are still working on the slow down, shocker that she likes to go fast. She made it about a mile the other day. Her and Daddy have been walking the dogs a lot. Which is good entertainment on our street. Bo is doing well. The weather is helping. Still tired a lot, but he is pushing through and doing things with out little girl. We might have to take the boat out and eat dinner on the lake soon.
A funny story about Addi. Whenever she is running around without her pj top on or Daddy doesn't have his top on, she thinks that is "handsome". It is cute to hear her wake up Daddy in the morning and say, "Daddy you are handsome." The she like to have no clothes on and be handsome. Unfortunately, lately there have been some shows, The Bachelor, where they are "handsome" also. But Daddy certainly is the most handsome of them all!
Crazy kid
Christi, Bo and Addi

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