Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hello and so sorry. Yesterday was such a long day that we went to bed almost right after we got home. Sorry Lena and family that has been doing a phone tree. We got neutraul news. It appears that nothing has changed. Unfortunately when you do a MRI you can't guarantee that the machine will image exactly the same way or that the same person will analyze the images. Dr. Crawford says that the lab believes the spots appear the same, which is good. Dr. Crawford is going to again send the MRI to Dr. Kirkpatrick, the specialist and let him look at it and confirm that nothing as changed and see if he can reassess anything. So we wait for him to confirm and we are going to come back up in 2 months and pray that it either leaves or stays the same.
Sorry for taking so long to notify everyone, we will do better next time.
Love to All
Christi, Bo and Addi


Jerrold said...

On a serious note, Did BJ get some new UNC gear, for the Bball tourn. I need some myself a Doookie will be cutting on me this Friday.

Anonymous said...

Well, we got what you asked us to pray uneventful day. :) I'm sure it is totally frustrating to not have answers, but the fact that they believe nothing has changed is probably a good sign. Keeping up the faith and prayers for all of you from Omaha.


Anonymous said...

"Status Quo" is not a bad thing. Your entire family is always in my prayers.