Monday, November 02, 2009

So Sorry this weekend has been a blur and well, the blog got left in the dust. Bo got the okay to come home from the hospital on Friday. So if you were on I-85, that was me leaving you in the dust...I did set cruise control and tried to stay only 6 over....hehehe
With that being said, Bo's MRI Brain scan came back the same...he still has those 2 previous spots and they remain unchanged, so that is good news. Bad news is we still do not know what the problem is. They released Bo with him feeling a little better, but not himself. (I think he decided he had enough and wanted to try and make trick or treating.)
He is home, still in bed not feeling well, but eating a little and getting more fluids in him. I think the plan right now is to go back up tomorrow, hopefully, talk with Dr. Crawford and keep trying to figure out what might be the problem. I have contacted Dr. Palmer already and he had some tests ran while Bo was in the hospital and Bo's transplant meds appear to be fine, so hopefully they are not causing the problem, but maybe. He is willing to try anything, tweak a little, and see if that will help.
Thanks for the prayers and I will get pictures of Addi up soon, aka Alice in Wonderland and let you know when the next appointment will be and what we will do from there.
Thanks for all the love, support and patience.
Love to all
Christi, Bo - in bed not feeling well and Addi, bouncing all the walls with candy - we limit to one a day, but I think she stashed some somewhere in the house because her energy is 10 fold - that or I am getting older (never) Or maybe because Christmas is everywhere!


Jerrold said...

BJ might be immune suppresed what are his cylex assay scores; which causes the Spots to thrive

Anonymous said...

You are NOT getting old! 'Tis the season for excitement times 10!!!! It's also a full moon!!!

love you guys,

Anonymous said...

Good luck at Duke tomorrow! Hopefully, Duke time will speed up for you! Let me know if I can do anything. Amy and the boys

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of you guys today and only the best at Duke!
My Love,