Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Just a quick thank you for all the out pouring of love and support. What an amazing day cherishing the one I love, the one you love. Thank you to the friends that helped carry Bo, that helped throughout the cermoney and who spoke on his behalf. I couldn't ask for better men to help raise my daughter and keep the spirit of Bo alive. It will take all of us to raise her and live up to his spirit.
I do not think I can let go of this blog, yet. To many times we have had those rough days, and selfishly put the word out that the day was rough and you all came through with the words of encouragement. I might/know still need those days in the future. I promise not to bother too much, but many of you (even though we may have never met) feel like close friends.
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Mindy said...


Let go of the blog when you are ready, I still read it several times a day. I would love to see more pics of Addi in the future and to see how you girls are going, as I am sure other people would to. I appreciate you taking the time to update the blog. THANK YOU.
xo Mindy

Anonymous said...

Christi, The ones that gave the eulogy today at the funeral did an excellent job and they all were so uplifting! Bo had a positive influence on so many people in this life, and I know he will carry on with that same positive influence in the next life. He was loved by many and will be missed by many. Our prayers will continue for you and Addi.

Our Love,
The Mabry's

Anonymous said...

I love you and I am so thankful for you! Thank for keeping us all up to date and please dont stop until your ready. Bo's Blog is my homepage and I will read it daily now just like i did last week.
I love you and can't wait to see you soon...(remember to be there 6/16) :)
I love you

Anonymous said...

please keep up the blog. i think all of us agree that we love knowing how you and addi are doing. it makes us feel a slight bit of relief to know that we might be helping support and comfort you all. please know many thoughts and prayers are with you. my little boys and i pray every night for your family!

Unknown said...

Dear Christi and Addi,
I have written to you so many times in the past few days but I have erased them because I am so lost as what to say to you.
I did not get to meet Bo and you but I read the blog while you guys were at Duke and I feel like I know you.
Joe sent the link to the blog after he met you at Duke. I read many of them and I especially love the Fire Truck blog because it takes a child to induce laughter when the adults are so caught up in the fear of the unknown.
My sister, Marilyn told me that Addi said the Residence Inn is her summer home and I when I look at her pictures I can hear her say it. Christi as long as you want to blog there will be readers because we will want to know how Bo's girls are doing.
My thoughts are with you.

Catie Rubenstein said...

I'm still reading and checking for updates constantly. you and addi and bo are all in my thoughts and prayers, constantly. I can't imagine how you must feel, and it hurts me to know you're out there, hurting.

I don't want to keep intruding with my own memories, but maybe I can share just one more that came to me, and hope it makes you smile.

So when Bo and I were in high school, I had a teacher I really hated, who hated me equally. I sat right by the door, so I could be as close to the escape route as possible. Bo knew how miserable that class made me, and used to walk by every day and just stand in the hall making faces at me until i started cracking up laughing-- i would try to remain completely expressionless as long as possible, but could never keep from busting out laughing for more than maybe 30 seconds. Then Bo would dart away down the hall so the teacher never knew why I just started laughing-- I'm sure people thought I was possessed! but I didn't care because every day, it never got old and still made me laugh and made the class bearable, and I always, always looked forward to the moment, although I knew it was only going to get me in trouble. Some days he really mixed it up, bringing other people with him, and making them do weird faces or dance steps or whatever, too... I never knew quite what was going to happen, but i always knew it would destroy my ability to remain serious.

...So innocent to think about now, and such a tiny little thing in retrospect, but just another example in so many people are remembering of Bo's uncanny ability to lighten up every situation, and always want to make people around him happy.

I hope you're doing ok, Christi. I know how strong you are, and have been, and I pray for your continued strength, and for your pain to be made easier, somehow.

Love to you and Addi. Please keep writing as long as you want to write. We're all here, either way, but do whatever you need to do, for you.

Candace said...

Even though I talk to you and see you very often I still check the blog all the time. Please keep it up and know we would love to continue to read......
We love you all!!

Anonymous said...

we promise to keep reading as long as you keep blogging... can't wait for the day when Addi gets to contribute too :)

Anonymous said...

Blog as much and as long as you would like. We are all here to read what you have to say. I check the blog everyday and have for the past few years. We want to know how you, Addi and the rest of the family are doing. Bo's memories will live on through this blog. I just read the one above about him making faces to the girl in class and I busted out laughing. BO was such a great man! We are all here for you and will continue to pray for you during this hard time.

We love you!

Anonymous said...


I've been visiting your blog over the last year and half since being blessed with my relationship with Merritt. Although I was only granted the pleasure of meeting Bo a handful of times, the stories and experiences shared within this blog are a true testament to the positive affects Bo's had on so many. He was a cousin, guardian, older brother, and great friend to Merritt and for that I will forever be grateful. I am honored to be granted the chance to become part of such a loving and strong family.


Anonymous said...

Christi and Addi,
I am so sorry to hear about Bo. He is still such an inspiration. I am so selfishly happy that I was able to take care of him the last time he was here. Even got to listen to Addi talk to him on the phone. He was so worried that he wouldn’t get home in time for Halloween.
You are all such a beautiful, model family. I know Addi will always remember her Daddy b/c of how exceptional you all are. He will be missed; but I am so glad that he is at peace and able to watch over everyone completely in the way he wanted.
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a small part of your life.
Sue RN 9300

AB said...

We are always here to share your feelings, uncertainty and good news. You continue here as long as you find us good for you and Addi. We love both of you so much. Just let us know how we can help. You are still in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Please keep writing the blog as log as you like. I still look forward to hearing about you and Addi. I know we have never met in person but I feel like I know you and that silly girl Addi so well. I hope one day we can meet up at a family reunion. For now just worry about taking care of and making Christi and Addi happy.

Love Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

I hope you keep it. I would want to know how you and Add I are doing. Whatever you decide but it sure doesn't ever bother me.

Love toyou and Addi.

Anonymous said...

I will second (or third?) that I'll keep reading as long as you write. And, yes, while we have never met, your family is a part of ours.

There are many times where I/we stop and think about you, send you positive energy, wish that things had been different, think "what would bo/christi do with this challenge?".

I'm glad to know that you can feel it. Because the energy is being sent. Pummelled even.

May you have at least one moment a day where you break out smiling at some memory. It is a sorry second to having him around, I know. But, how awesome to have had it.

Sarah J
Chicago IL

Anonymous said...

Please keep the blog. You keeping us informed, in some ways, heals us all. We all want to know how you and Addi are doing, that your lives are moving on. And those of us out here just want to help, and be there for you. So this also gives us that connection, that we are still here, listening and supporting you all the way in your journey.

The service and BBQ were absolutely wonderful. I was so amazed at how many people love you and Bo. The rest of us could only dream of being that loved.

Let us know if you need anything at all. We are always here for you.

Kim R.

Anonymous said...


While you and I have never met, I feel as if I know you. I laugh when you apologize about your grammar and typos. I laugh because, I know what you mean even though a word is missing. I smile at your strength and ability to be there for us, during this trying time.

Thank you, for being brave enough to let us into your life, to share with those from far and wide. Thank you, it takes a truly special person to share as you have.

I hope that you will continue to keep this blog - I will keep reading. Where else will I and everyone eles get their 'Addi Stories'?

Speaking of Addi, please know that Bo will never be far away from her or you.

Hopefully this blog will be a lasting memory for Addi as she grows older. A way for her to see the many many lives that her Daddy touched. And the lives that her Mommy continues to touch.

I wish you and Addi all the best, now and forever.

Anonymous said...

I sing with the chorus of those before me who says keep it going as long as you want or need. We are all here for you...always, not just for the life of this particular blog.

Remember, Bo's journey, YOUR journey has not ended it has just moved into another stage. His journey on earth is now moved forward by you and Addi. He lives on in her and in your love for him. I am reminded of that famous movie quote from Sam in Ghost... The love that is inside, you take it with you... He has taken his love of everyone with him and you will carry yours for him inside you as you continue down the path.

For now, this blog is a part of that journey and we all walk by your side. Maybe someday you will switch paths and create a new blog about the new adventures of the life you have yet to imagine. Just remember that there are many many many of us who care about you and will continue to be interested in how you are all doing and what comes next. If you share with us, we will walk that path with you...

Thinking of you always..
Larry and Tammy Pike

Unknown said...


Although I only met you a few times, I met Bo many of times and it is heartbreaking to hear he passed. I can truly tell you had one of those special people that only comes around once in a lifetime.
I am sure you and Addi have great memories of a great guy, pal, father to Addi, husband to you, and friend to many. Cherish those memories and remember the good times. Too many times people just talk about and think about the bad times.
May my thoughts help you and your family get through these tough times.

David Haines
Verizon Wireless

Anonymous said...

Christi, the service was beautiful-just like you, Addi and Bo. If this blog helps you-keep writing. If at some point it does not-simply stop. As you know and have seen, there are so many of us who love you and your family very much. We will always be here for you.
My Love,

Anonymous said...

I was just reading some of the very early posts when Bo was blogging and I ran across this statement from him...

"...Even though I am realest, I still believe that god has plans for me. I am not sure what that is right now, but I am going to do everything I can to stay on this earth. There are three reasons for me staying - Addi, Christi, and the plan I am supposed to undertake. That is it. It really is amazing that I feel I have let this situation go, and what happens will happen, but I am not going to let this take control over me. Period..."

And boy did he ever! It's amazing to me the determination, fight, and amazing attitude that he put out for over three and a half years when the experts projected three to four months. Bo, I know you're looking down on all of us now and see that we wish the time had been longer for our own selfish reasons. But we all have experienced that "plan" you mentioned. You accomplished the goal, even if you didn't know that was it. You touched us all... profoundly, and changed all our lives for ever. Our time on this earth will be better because of your time here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Christi and Addi,

Just sending some love your way wanting you to know that you are thought about and still praying for some peaceful days ahead for you and all the family. Joe says Hello to Addi even though he says he really does not know her but he knows she is someone in our prayers.
Love,Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...


I just heard about Bo today... I am so, so sorry for your loss!

You and Addi are in my thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Eddie David
LungStrong 15K/5K
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