Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to All - We are having a good Christmas. Toys R US threw up in our house, with Polly Pockets and My Little Pony....Why is there so many little pieces? We are most certainly missing Bo, but are happy we have each other, wonderful memories and "He is always in our heart." We carry so much love for Bo and talk about him often that it always makes the memories a little more real and close to our hearts.
Thank you to everyone that has been checking in on us and for all the great posts on Facebook. It makes it easier to carry on when you can feel the love from everyone. Addi did pick up a cold yesterday and was a little out of sorts last night. She slept forever this morning, so we are enjoying the day together in our pjs. (After Grams, Papa, Tracia and Mr. Bob came over to watch Addi open presents and give Me my present of helping me get everything out of its box. THANK YOU FOR THAT!)
I did save one present Bo had picked out from Disney and had shipped back. The Disney Princess Castle, she has declared it her favorite present. Probably because of the size of the castle, all the princesses that came with it and well it was from her Daddy. A sweet moment to cherish our time together from this year.
Bo would want everyone to enjoy the day, share many laughs and embellish as many stories as possible reliving the "Good 'ol Days".
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Did I tell you about the time...just kidding


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Christi $ princess Addi. We are thinking of you.

The Cowles

Darlene.schaefer said...

Merry, merry Christmas to you and Addi. How beautiful that Bo was able to give her such a favored gift. Thinking of all of you.

Catie Rubenstein said...

merry christmas, christi and addi.

Mindy said...

Merry Christmas Addi and Christi,

I am sure Bo has the biggest smile on his face now. You both are amazing ladies and you certainly make me appreciate every moment I have with my dad here in NH. 3 more chemo tx's and we are done.....YAY. love you

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Christi! We missed you yesterday, but hope that Addi is feeling much better! It was a great day to spend it in your pj's! Hope to see you very soon!

we love you,
the faunces

Anonymous said...

Christi and Addi,
It makes my heart glad to see the love you and Addi and Bo still share. And Addi's words are just amazing for such a young child - just more proof of the love you all shared and will continue to share for the rest of your lives. Bo is indeed smiling down upon you! I know how difficult it can be so just always hold onto that love and let God, family and friends, and your memories keep you going. And let the laughter, and the tears, come when they may.
Thinking of you often,
Sherree Clinton in KS

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the Princess avalanche!

Jenn in CA

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your Christmas was so special and that there were many great moments and fond memories in the air! Wishing you all the BEST for a new year filled with lots of new adventures and happy times with your precious little girl while your angel above follows you at all times....smiling at what an unbelievable mom you continue to be.
Merry ...Merry...and Best wishes for a Healthy and Happy 2010~