Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello to All - I know shocking that it isn't another month gone by, but I couldn't type today without remembering someone special in our lives that is missing. Bo's Papa, Addi's Great Papa, passed away a year ago today. Talk about a man that lived an incredible life. He was the epitome of what you call a man, papa, great papa, friend, hero. I can truly say he is who Bo wanted to be like in so many ways, except for the dancing part. Papa loved to dance and he was smooth on the dance floor. Bo loved to dance, smooth was another story, but I still loved him so, well both of them.
Bo shared many stories with me about Papa's childhood, Bo's childhood and the games he played. Papa never fell for them, "Rosie" was a sucker like us all and fell for Bo's tricks. It was a sad day, when at 93 Papa was diagnosed with colon cancer. Being the strong man that he proved to us by surviving his surgery and recovering, to have complications afterwards. I truly believe he proved he was strong and that he loved us all to fight to be with us, but he chose to be with beloved Rosie. From what Bo said, they had a marriage and a love worth going to. Bo always wanted to be like them in their banter, their unconditional love and respect and grandchildren. I am proud we had 2 out of the 3 and the "grandchildren" later. (Much later little Addi)
With all our love (to Papa and Rosie)
Christi and Addi
I can only imagine the trouble the two guys are getting into...I can see them now rocking a front porch somewhere.


Anonymous said...

He must have been a great man. What truly loving memories you have. Thanks for sharing them with us. Aunt Marlene from Kanssas

AB said...

Yep, I can only imagine what fun Bo and Uncle Mutt are having with Aunt Rosemary and they are looking for us to be there when it is our time to be with them. Enjoy every day wherever you are and whomever you are with.

Anonymous said...

I bet they are racing down Main Street again!

Jenn, formerly of CA now in TX