Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello to All - Just a quick post to let you know that we survived Thanksgiving, but not without some war wounds, literally. Addi and I got to go back to the emergency room again Saturday night. She slipped off a chair (trying to get a bowl for ice cream) and banged her chin on the way down needing 5 stitches. I know, seriously, yes seriously. On the positive side things happen in 3 right? So we are doing right? On another note, I should have the award for Mother of the Year in the bag...please no other mothers need apply. Ugh
If I ever wondered who she was taking after accident prone wise...I know now, Bo. I never broke anything or needed stitches...a couple scratches and a stick to the head are my major scars.
Thank you all for the kind words this week. It will be a long week and it is hard to imagine it has been a year already without Bo. On one hand it feels like forever, then on another just yesterday. It wasn't lost on me that I took Addi to the same place, same day as I took Bo in for the final time...he was there with us I know, but I would rather not go back.
Love to All
Christi and Addi
PS - Her modeling career (haha) is still in full force, the stitches are under her chin where you can barely tell she has a band aid on them right now....
PSS - Whoever posted the quotes from Jimmy V, thank you. If ever two people spoke the same thing, it was Jimmy V and Bo...


Anonymous said...


You are so welcome! And let me apologize for my computer...it had a mind of its own that day and posted 5 times.

Jimmy V's attitude, his words in that speech so reminded me of Bo, full of hope, life, and love. We should all strive to live our lives like that.

Thank you for continuing to share and keep us up to date with Addi. I'll keep my fingers crossed that she's done with the emergency room!

Take care and be well

Kristine said...

It warmed my heart and soul to see you and Addi at Christmas in Davidson! I wanted to jump off the carriage ride and give you both a giant squeeze! I miss seeing that twinkling star of a girl. If she ever wants a play date at my house just call me!!
You both are always in my heart. xo,
Miss Kristine