Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WOW! What in the world have Addi and I been doing? I guess loving the HOT summer here in North Carolina. We have not had as many visitors this year (FAMILY IN KANSAS) but maybe they are all waiting for the fall to see the leaves change. Hmmmm
With that said, Addi and I are doing well. We go back to the doctor next week to keep following up on her arm. I think things are going well, but I do feel better that with this bad of a break, they are watching her closely on the healing process. She has been swimming all summer with many sleepovers and many playdates. She has become a big sister to our neighbor Reece and I only say that because they fight like sisters. Oh our poor nanny. There is a timeout chair needed. Which is funny, because what is the first thing they want to do when they get out of time out, play with each other! They are so crazy.
As many of you have followed our journey you know one of Bo's goals while battling cancer was to walk Addi to Kindergarten. I am (like most parents) excited for her that this day has come. Her first day of school is August 29th. She is so excited, excited that I get to stay all day with her (her schools way of making the first day less intimidating) and excited for friends, new backpacks, new everything! But oh how we are going to miss Bo. I have some quotes up from the Blog that our dear Friend Anna made for Bo when he was having a down day to remind him about things he said, well I taped it up in my office. Yesterday Addi was at work with me and saw it. She asked me to read it to her and I explained to her (without to many tears) her Daddy's goals/wishes and then we talked about why he isn't able to be here. She is so smart and sweet and knows that Bo would have done anything to be here, but darn that cancer. She did appreciate and we had much discussion on a quote where he said he wanted to "Kick cancer's Butt." Such a bad word Daddy.
So as we prepare for the day. We went out last night and bought a locket to put a picture of Daddy in so he will go with us to her first day of school. She also suckered me into our birthstones to hang like charms with the locket. Ironically it is in a heart shape, which we both very much love.
So expect some pictures in a couple of weeks and maybe send some prayers that the 29th will be filled with much love, excitement and loving thoughts.
Love to All
Christi and Addi


Debbi said...

I'm so glad to read a post from you, it's been such a long time. Wishing you both well on Addi's first day of school. I think it's lovely that Bo will be there, too. It brought tears to my eyes to read about the locket and charms.

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted :) I've been checking often. Good luck on the first day of school! Bo will be with the both of you :)

Christina said...

I was concerned that you weren't going to post anymore. Its good to see you on here. Good luck to Addi. Bo will be with both of you on Aug 29th.

Lauren said...

I'm thrilled you haven't stopped posting! You're always such busy ladies... can't wait to hear about the first day of kindergarten!