Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hope all is well. I could not get back to the blog yesterday, as we got home at 2:30 am, then work, then pulmonary rehab, then work, then home to have dinner with Addi/Christi, then to bed! I was really tired. Christi said I would say more about the false alarm, so here goes:

I was hosting a conference call with Elizabeth in my office and suddenly one of the receptionist Angela came to the door. I of course dismissed her with a waive and went on with the call. She said something to me, and I finally knew something was wrong. I turned to call over to Elizabeth, and went outside the conference room. She said Duke was on the line, and my stomach dropped....

I went to the phone and talked to my transplant coordinator Khara. She said, come on up, an offer was made to you. I was shocked since I just got put on the list on Friday at 10:00 am. I went back and helped finish the call, told everyone bye, and left. Our company has grown to 70 plus, so I felt like I needed to tell everyone bye, but of course could not. I left and went home.

One the way, I tried to call Christi and could not get her on the home phone or her cell. I got home, and forgot that I do not have a key to my own house one, and two, I got a new car and did not have a garage opener since I had not programed my "button" in the car. Tracia came over to watch Addi while we went up, and she did not have a key either. I finally got to Christi, who was at the doctor with Addi because she was sick.... Addi was upset, so I had to hang with her and Christi got us ready.

We started on our way and we called a lot of people or sent them a text. It was a weird ride and I was not ready for it honestly. Christi and I really barely talked. I went pretty fast as well!

We checked in at Duke and got to a room. One of the docs came in and explained the deal. He did not give a lot of detail, but I believe the lungs were in FL, and the surgeon flew down to examine the lungs, harvest them, and bring them back and put them in me. We did learn that another person came to Duke as well, and it was going to be one of us that got the lungs. They would do some test, and the most compatible got the lungs. We got there at 7:00 or so and I got ready. I had to do a scrub and give a lot of blood! Then I watch the Yankee's game while Christi curled up on the bed and took a nap. The doc said our room phone would ring with the news.

My Mom, Caroline, and Mike came in. I asked them to stay home until we knew something, but have you met Jo Cain? They were there literally 10 minutes, and the phone rang. It was Khara, and she said the lungs were bad, so no go. I suspect they started to harvest them, and there was an infection or bruising. I do not know the reason.

Basically, 15 minutes later I was on the road coming back to Charlotte. I knew this was a possibility. Elizabeth M. had a transplant on her 4th trip, Greg had it on his first. It can go either way. After this dress rehearsal, I will be ready the next time.

I honestly was not ready for the call. I know that when the surgery happens, I will have a long road to recovery. However, I also know there is a chance I will not wake up. It was hard to say goodbye to Addi and leave. If you have ever known Addi, you know what I mean.

More to follow!


Anonymous said...

The Johnson family continues to amaze me with your positive outlook and incredible faith. Bo has been amazing during this ordeal, continuing to work and provide a steady family life, but I do just have to let Christi know that she has become my hero. The grace and elegance that she has maintained is inspiring. My thoughts and prayers are with your family -

God Bless -

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you and your family Bo and know the perfect set of lungs will come along very soon!

Kiley, Andrew and Scheper Thiel