Monday, April 14, 2008

There isn't a whole lot to say right now, so I thought that I would just post a couple of overdue pictures. Addi loves the Bobcats, mostly the cheerleaders and hotdogs, but she was so excited to go a game, that now we must go to all. She also is really into being a "Copy Cat" and so I tell her that all the time and she always corrects me and says, "No Mama, I not a Copy Cat, I'm a Bobcat!"

Seriously though, she is a Jayhawk this year...the is a picture of us celebrating. I guess we know who the lucky charm was and good thing I dress her!

Take Care
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...
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South Carolina Lung Cancer Advocacy said...

Just wanted to send a hello from South Carolina and let y'all know that I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I found you by way of Jerrold's lung cancer blog. I check in to see how you are doing.
Keeping you in my prayers, Angie Derrick

Anonymous said...

Pic's are great. I like the cheerleaders too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bo & Christi!

I want you all to know that you continue to be on my prayer list as well as constently mentioned in my church and Sunday School class. From our experience prayer and the miracle that is available from faith and God's grace is what got my family to this point.

A little recap of our story--shortened to past year for space sake.

Cameron with full blown Rasmussen's Syndrome--a progressive brain disorder where she was having 6 or more seizures a day this time last year. She was 6 at the time and had lost so much of her skills that she was testing at a 2-3 y.o level.

We had brain sugery at Johns Hopkins in June of last year--a hemispherecty or removal of half of her brain tissue. This also sounded crazy to us but through much support we learned to accept this as the best option for our daughter for her future. 9 hour surgery and a month in Baltimore for rehab.

Fast forward to now. Cameron has had no seizures since the surgery and her skills have returned to almost the level of all her classmates in Kindergarten. I truly believe that she is a miracle from God that you hear about but never think could happen to you. No other explantion is acceptable to me. We prayed for some relief but never thought we would have come this far less than a year from surgery. Not all of these surgeries are as successful.

Anyway I have babbled enough on your blog. I guess the good news is we have not updated Cameron's blog much since there is not much accept daily life events to report at this point. Just like you though Cameron's blog and the Yahoo support site for our surgery was key for us and all connected to us.

I welcome either of you to call me to learn more about my personal experience of faith--my cell is 336-442-6638. Other very significant events occured last year that were life changing for me as well.

God's peace to your family--the Motts (Casey, Shelly, Cameron-7, Caroline-4)

Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

Addi is getting so big and looks so beautiful, you two did good work! haha

On a personal note Bo to see you with Addi and getting to experience those things with her really just gives me goose bumps.

Sorry you had to take the UNC hit but I'm sure Addi kept a smile on your face during the game!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Bo, please make sure next year Addie has a Carolina t-shirt to wear for the tourney.


Peony said...

I LOVE the celebrating Jayhawks pic!!! Fabulous season. As always, we're thinking about you guys - I'm sure that championship spells good luck for the future :)