Friday, May 30, 2008

Here’s what we have for now:

The doctors conferred this afternoon and have decided to try a procedure late today to help his body drain the fluid on the lungs. They have been troubleshooting this and feel this procedure will help his body along. Overall things are the same. Continue to pray that indeed this will help drain the fluid.

You can continue to post on this entry or the one below and I’ll print them both out for Bo’s ears. Your messages and prayers will give him strength. You know Bo is a fighter so let’s give him some encouragement.



Anonymous said...

Bo, There are friends you didn't know you have praying for you in Winston-Salem - The Perryman family knows about you from Zach and he says you are a true fighter. We join you and all your friends and relatives in your fight by sending daily prayers for your recovery. God bless you and your family each and every hour.

George and Patsy Perryman

Anonymous said...

Hang in there buddy! We are praying for you and your family.

Rock Chalk!!! :)
Susan Porter

Anonymous said...

It would be a blessing if Christi could walk into Bo's hospital room with a printout of over 100 comments and well wishes in hand.

Please take just one minute from your day and pass on your thoughts via this blog to a wonderful family in a time of need.

Anonymous said...

BELIEVE. Bo from what I have seen, you will overcome this in true fashion. You have the prayers from New Jersey working for you also.

Kathy Miller

Anonymous said...

It's Tippi and Stephen. Were reading up on you everyday. Keep up the fight brother. We love you and are praying for you. Christi stay strong. We are praying for all of you.

CTBlankenship said...

Hey buddy:

I really miss getting to come to FIG and living in mortal fear of what you had to say about my programs (big grin). I'm praying you get better so you can strike fear into the hearts of those new programmers who are lucky enough to work for you now, ha, ha!

Love to read the blog and hear about your progress ... please keep it coming ... always thinking and praying about and for you.


Anonymous said...

Bo and family,

We learned of your battle from our daughter, Whitney Robinson, who works for your company. We were visiting her from California last week and she told us about you and your fight. We just wanted you to know that our prayers are with you and your family! Keep the FAITH!

Joe and Vali Russell

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi,and the whole Cain family, The Sisson family and the whole COS family are praying for your speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Two years ago about this time you and I were riding up a hill on the other side of the lake. You had just started chemo and were real tired but you did not quit. You made it to the top. I will never forget that.
This is just another hill. You've crushed the odds for two years. I know you are tired, but you will TAKE THIS HILL too!!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know we are praying daily. We will be praying tonight at 10:00 p.m. Friday, May 30 in church's men' prayer group. May God bless and heal you.

Ed Connell

Robo Boogie said...

The Allen's will be thinking about you all weekend. This page displays real nice on my iPhone so we will be taking you with us as we go about ;-) Here is hoping the draining helps and that it is all downhill from here out. Your dedication and perseverance through this has been amazing and I know it will only persist in these hours of uncertainty. I do think good things happen to good people and I know your family is in surplus so time to cash in on all that good karma. Best wishes from larryville.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting Bo! We are all praying for you. Christi, Addi and the rest of the family, you are in our prayers too. Keep hanging in there. He'll push through this.

The Garretts

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to go to to send in donations! This cause is SO important to Bo and I'm sure that during this time when we all wish we could do something, donating would be what he would want us to do (along with PRAYER, of course).

It's been said that it's not faith if you use your eyes. But anyone who knows you Bo, can see that you're the most determined and strong-willed person. Beyond faith, I know that YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS. It's our faith that gets us through when our knowledge fails us. Have FAITH and FIGHT. We love you, Christi and Addi!

Ken and Mystina said...

I have only seen you a few times, but I have heard a lot about you and am very impressed. You are an amazing leader and an inspiration to your employees. You create the desire to strive for excellence and inspire a loyalty that is second to none. There are many, many people who care about you and your family. You must continue to fight. And we will continue to pray. And God will do the rest.

Blessings to you, Christi and Addi,

Mystina, Ken, Micah and Olivia Zummach

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi and Addi,

What an amazing journey you have all been on. Keep traveling, keep fighting. It is so clear to those of us reading your story that God has a plan for your lives and your family. My family has grown through learning of your fight, but most especially your example has been in your faith.

You rest. We will pray.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,


Anonymous said...

Hey Bo!!

Lindsey and I wanted to let you know how much we're thinking of you!
We can't wait to visit Charlotte for the 4th and we can't wait to see you when we get rest up and get well soon!
Brett & Lindsey Ory

Dallas said...

Bo (Buddy),

Two years ago, I barely knew you and I was just learning of your battle with lung cancer. I can remember the first time you announced it and how even then you said you were going to beat it! You never lost hope and still continue to fight. You are a true inspiration and have encouraged me far beyond compare. You have fought the good fight and continue to do so. Keep on keeping on! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love ya Buddy!

Anonymous said...


Lauren has been updating us on how Bo is doing and we are continuing to remember him in our prayers. I have sent family and friends emails asking them to remember him in their prayers as well. Just's always the darkest before the dawn and I strongly feel that the dawn is just around the corner for Bo!

Our Love, Larry and Josie Mabry

Anonymous said...

Marty & I are praying REAL HARD for your recovery. May Our Lord continue to watch over you and your family.Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We'll have to have a Big Bash to celebrate after you get home!
Sincerely in Christ,
Brian's Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

You've got thoughts and prayers coming out of sunny Florida. Keep fighting Bo so your family, Mr the B and Jennifer can hang out at Disney with us.

Think about Luke 1:37 For nothing is impossible with God.

You can beat this Bo.

David and Jody Williams
Orlando, FL

Anonymous said...

Bo- Keep up the fight! You are going to win this battle. You have so many people praying for you and that love you. If anyone can beat this, its YOU!!!!!

Christi- We are all praying for you, Addi and the rest of the family. He has fought this long and hard and he will not give up. Stay strong!

We love you!
Ashley & Eric Barnwell

Kathryn said...

Bo, you are an inspiration, and you are loved by so many. Keep resting both body and mind, and know that your body IS healing itself.