Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hello to All - I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and well probably not the ice so much. In NC we have had school cancelled Mon-Wed and tomorrow is on a 2 hour delay, therefore cancelling preschool for Addi. She is enjoying going to work with Mommy way to much. I have to apologize to all my co-workers that help entertain her when she is there, she truly does love everyone there (and well tries to rotate who she bothers.)
With that being said, all is finally feeling better here. We both have a little cold, but nothing but a cough really. So let's hope 2010 is the year of boo-boos and sickness is over. But I did get the theme for 2011, home improvement. Addi and I spent some time in Kansas visiting my family and when we came home we got a wonderful surprise of a waterfall in our basement (did you hear the sarcasm). I didn't install a waterfall when we were gone. It turns out our refrigerator in the kitchen has had a leak for some time and created a hole in the floor. Then when we were gone the ice maker froze up or something and ran continuous dumping water through the hole, into the crawl space and down the walls. UGH! We have a wonderful neighbor that is helping me navigate through the insurance and home repairs, oh please let the water heater and roof hold out for a while...and the drama continues.
Love to All
Christi and Addi

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the time with Addie and you during the holidays. I am sorry for all the water problems.