Sunday, January 30, 2011

So much for 2011 being an easier year, no broken bones, yet...but the drama continues. So did I mention Addi gave herself a fat lip the other day, well today she just fell down and bruised her cheek. I can officially say she is legitimately "Hurt Man, Addi Johnson." But that is not the fun I am talking about...
So Addi's TK class has a class pet, yep, you can guess where this is heading. A sweet little hamster that has been around for 2 1/2 years...well what is a parent's worst nightmare when it is your turn to take care of the hamster. Yep you got it...Ginger didn't wake up Saturday morning. Seriously...seriously. You have to laugh a little out loud. The teacher's and everyone keeps saying of all classmates, Addi. Then again it was probably meant to be that it was Addi, but on Bo's birthday...ugh. We handled it for a lack of better words, "Gingerly" and slowing. Addi's teacher was fabulous and brought us another one today that she is letting Addi name. She is still bouncing a few ideas around, but her naming abilities definitely come from me. My number one stuffed dog was called "Puppy Dog." Lord only knows what she will decide on tomorrow morning.
Don't worry I woke up to a better Sunday...not (did I just date myself saying that) I found my extra "drink" refrigerator freezer opened during the night to have 2 gallons of ice cream fall out onto the floor and melt over night. Did you know ice cream is extremely sticky? I guess whoever is messing with me "up there" is trying to find a way to help me stick or start a diet...dear god. I am apprehensive, but excited to wake up tomorrow and see what will happen next. As long as Addi only ends up with bruises inflicted by falling - she did mention Clumsy as the hamster name...fitting.
Stay tuned and love to all
Christi and Addi

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Anonymous said...

Wow sending some good luck your way :) it will all work out!