Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello to All - I hope everyone is enjoying the snow and the freezing cold weather we are experiencing in North Carolina...I guess I cannot brag about with weather here anymore that it is better than Kansas...ugh.
Well just a quick update, Addi is still prone to falling. Yesterday, after I returned from a work trip and was picking her up from a good friends house and while Addi was on the steps (suppose to be putting shoes on) she slipped on the steps. Yep you guessed it a fat lip for Addi, at least she didn't knock her teeth out and send us to the doctor again. Her lip has gone down a ton, but she does still have a line bruise on her cheek. I can only imagine the lifetime I am going to have visiting an emergency room. How does she keep hurting herself so innocently? Seriously, I know she is a busy little girl, but why does she have to be so accident prone. I am going to get grey hair with worrying about her. (Sigh)
For Lee, I guess we can call her Hurt Man Addi Johnson...
Love to All
Christi and "fat lipped" Addi
I cannot wait to go to school tomorrow. Each month we start of with something different...(Sigh)

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