Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello - Christi here. We just wanted to let you know that things are going well. Bo is handling the pleuradesis (spelling and don't laugh you doctors and nurses our there) We found out after the fact that this is a quite painful procedure, but he is hanging in there. They said the more pain the better. It means his lung is sticking, so bring on the pain. Addi and I spent most of yesterday with Bo. And surprise, surprise she didn't take a nap at all. She was way to excited to see daddy to do something as silly as nap. You mom's out there can imagine my day. I think Bo actually sympathized with me, because he might of needed the rest more than anyone. Don't worry I took her out of the room for a while and we played throughout the hospital, now everyone knows Addi. (especially floor 5 with the fish tank) It goes to show that Addi wants her Daddy home like yesterday (which is very much her father's trait)
They clamped Bo's tube today which hopefully means it will come out in 24 hours. Then we just wait for a chest x-ray, Avastin (chemo) and he can go home. Sounds simple when I put it like that. We will just wait and see.
Addi and I are planning a visit tomorrow, but Addi's friend Kristen (babysitter at UNC) will hopefully take her for most of the day and go swimming. Then hopefully Bo will be out before we know it. Not to soon though, we want to make sure that lung stays up this time.
On another note, please send special prayers out to our friends, Jay, Micah and Gracie. Their little girl, Gabi -7 months old, passed away on Monday. She had heart complications and God just had a bigger and better plan for her. But right now her parents need some special loving and Gracie, the older sister needs some hugs her way. Please know that if we can do anything for you, we are here.
Love to all
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

So glad that he will be coming home soon! Don't forget that we are here if you need help with Addi!

All our love,
The Faunces

I am sure that Addi has won the hearts of everyone in that hospital!!

Anonymous said...

Bo - we're thinking about you and rooting for you to be able go home soon! That really stinks that the more it hurts the better you're doing. However, you CAN do it and we'll be praying for you! We will also pray for precious Gabi and her family. Heartbreaking. Not sure why the world has to be so hard sometimes. There is a silver's just sometimes a challenge to find it. We are all looking forward to Bo's silver lining when he wins each and every victory, no matter how small, against his cancer. Take care and God Bless! --Lori and the Prayer Warriors