Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hello everyone, Christi again. Hopefully tomorrow we can get Bo back online. Unfortunately he is still in the hospital and will probably be there through half of next week. Bo's lung is expanding back fairly well, there is just a little part that cannot seem to heal up. But there really is no time frame for this and no matter what, nothing would fit Bo's time frame. (he is ready to go now, but knows he should do want is best for his body) The doctor's decided to leave the tube in over the weekend to give his body more time to self heal. Dr. Crawford is going to speak with the thoracic surgeons on Monday for the best course of action. We really have three options, keep waiting (ugh), perform a procedure that will essentially, in crude terms, glue his lung to the lining, or pray his body heals itself. Either option they are looking to make sure this will not happen many more times. Bo is in good spirits, still a lot of pain so he using a lot of their pain medicine. So if you call be aware of the slurred speech due to the medicine. But his is starting to go stir crazy so please shoot him and email or phone call to help pass the time. They will hopefully know something Monday, perform whatever they are going to due by Tuesday so he can be home net Thursday or Friday. Those are hopefully the latest dates out there. Everything is so much up in the air depending on what his body does.
I do have to say thank you to everyone that has sent their well wishes and helped out with Addi. A huge THANK YOU to Sarah and Sue (Joy and Barb) and all the nurses at Duke. They are incredible for their work and for the time they spend talking with Bo. As you all know him he likes to talk and has told them his life story and they have nicely shared most of theirs. We do not have one complaint about the staff at Duke, Bo just isn't loving the food.
take care everyone and I will update more later and like I mentioned hopefully Bo will be online late tomorrow. (I got him a wireless Internet card)
Christi and Addi
Sorry for the typos I missed. A little tired here.


Anonymous said...

Christi, Addi, and Bo,
We are going to pray that the doctors have the guidance they need to make the best decision for Bo, patience for you guys while you wait, and tolerance for the nurses with the Johnson chatterboxes. :0)
We can't do much from afar(other than the prayers and positive thoughts), but if there is anything we can do, let us know and we will in a second.
Take care of yourselves!!!!!
The Glidewell Clan

Anonymous said...

You guys have Grandma Sparks on your side. I know she is working hard up there in heaven for you. She will make sure everything goes well.

Peony said...

tell Bo we know how much hospital time sucks! We spent the better part of a year there when Brendon was going through chemo, due to various side effects. Perhaps we'll try to send him some German beer and brauts to raise his spirits - far better than the hospital food :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to pass along my thoughts and prayers that Bo will be out of there soon...

Angie Cretors

Anonymous said...

May God speed your healing Bo and get you home. We are sending lots of prayers your way! CG

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of prayers and long distance hugs from Omaha!! You have a great inner circle of friends and family supporting you and taking care of you. Please know that the outer rings of your cirle,including all those you have been associated with through work, are out here praying SO hard and wishing there was more we could do. Take care, all three of you, and Bo, get to feeling better real soon!

Larry and Tammy

Anonymous said...

Bo, Christi, and Addi,

Glad you are going home, but we'll miss you up here at The Duke! Take care and rest. :-)

Sue RN 9300

Anonymous said...

The team @ EquiTrust Life Insurance Company send well wishes and prayers! Here's to seeing you in West Des Moines, IA soon!

decembersroses said...

Bo, Christi, and Addi -

I'm glad y'all are home now and on the mend! Thanks for all the smiles y'all was great to be your nurse!

Keeping y'all in my prayers,

Sara, RN 9300