Monday, August 20, 2007

The Johnson clan is a little busy today so they enlisted the Big Sister's help to update everyone with Bo's latest news......

Late Friday night, Bo decided that he wanted to have an X-ray of his lung because he felt like it might have collapsed again. So, he went to Presbyterian Hospital at Exit 23 that night to have the X-ray done. After the doctors at Presbyterian Hospital consulted with Bo's primary physician at Duke, they decided that although there was some evidence that the lung had partially collapsed, Bo should hold off on doing anything until he went to Duke on Monday (a pre-scheduled visit for Avastin).

This morning, after meeting with Dr.Crawford, it was determined that Bo's lung had collapsed again. The same weakened spot in his lung had not strengthen as they had hoped. He has been admitted in the hospital and around lunchtime, a tube was inserted into the lung lining to aid in re-inflating the lung. Later this afternoon, the doctors are meeting with Bo to schedule a procedure in which they will insert a special type of glue that will help to strengthen the lung lining to help prevent a collaspe in the future. It is my understanding from Christi that this a typical procedure for a second collaspe of the lung, and the main side effect of this procedure is that the glue decreases the elasticity of the lung.

Bo will remain in the hospital until the lung re-inflates. While there is not a good way of predicting how long this will take, but Bo is saying that he is coming home Thursday no matter what. Of course, his release date is up to his doctors. (Nice try, Bo!) We will try to keep the blog updated with the most recent updates as we receive them. All prayers and well wishes are appreciated!



Anonymous said...

hang in there! we love you!

rachel and justin

Elizabethagma said...

hang in there! we love you! rachel and justin