Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello. This is Bo for the first time in awhile. Christi and Tracia have been doing a wonderful job keeping you informed, and I thank them both for that.

What can I say about staying in a hospital? First, it was not fun. While the nurses on 9300 were awesome and made it very pleasant, overall, I am not a fan. I do want to make sure I say hello to the nurses up thee, because without them, I would have been lost. I can not tell you what all they did to me because they had me drugged up, but I must say, it was pleasant. There are too many to name and I am afraid I would forget one any way. I will tell you guys out there, there is a hot one (super smart too!) that is 25 and single.... I will not say here name, but I hope she gets someone good. I can say good things about all of them. I do have to say one tried hard to mask a northern accent, and I did have an international friend up there.... I had a few visitors, and I appreciate them coming. Nick, Steve, Trace, Lauren, Kristen, Carline, Mom, Bill, and Christi/Addi of course. If I forgot someone, please let me know!

I am very grateful to be out.

My Uncle Terry in Kansas sent the following and I thought it was important:

In reference to organ transplants, one thing you might consider is asking your blog readers to think about signing up as organ donors. I've been signed up as an organ donor for over 30 years.
Information on becoming an organ donor is available at:
Also, there are approximately 100,000 individuals in the United States that are currently in urgent need of organ donations. This is a matter of life and death for them.
Each state has a website that has information on how someone can become a donor. The following are websites for North Carolina and Kansas as
There is no greater gift of life, than saving a life after our own deaths.


Unknown said...

Northern accent??? There's nooooo such thing! :-)

--Noooorthern Minnesoooootan

Stuart Rohrbaugh said...

Glad to hear good news and know you are home away from that 25 year old nurse.

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear you are back home! It is funny you mentioned organ donation, I just registered last week, here in Michigan. They make it very easy when you renew your plates online you can register right there and then! I highly encourage everyone to do this. What better gift could you give someone!! Looking forward to seeing you the end of September!! Theresa and Kevin

Anonymous said...

ok, if you's gotta come back up here-ya to Duke, I will make sure to tawk to you's about my dawg when i get some wah-ta for ya.
And Christi, we could always send you some IV tubing so you can tie him to the couch to rest! Take care, Johnson's!

NY nurse on 9300

Jayme Gurl! said...

Abba Father...I thank you and I praise you God for this brother and his family. God we do not know the full reason why we go through such things other than it is due to sin in the world. But God I know that you can heal this brother and I know that you WILL heal him. The question is how. I know that if you so chose you could heal him instantly there on his bed. I also know that you could choose to heal him in heaven...and either way he would be the winner. God I ask your perfect will in his life. You say in your word "Oh grave where is your victory...oh death, where is your sting." (parphrased). But what you are telling us is that we don't die when we leave this tent...we live...for to live is Christ and to die is gain. Make this man a living testimony for you. Use his life even now for your kingdom. You are a great and awesome God...there is none like you. I commit he and his family into your loving hands Jesus. Surround them and give them a peace which passes all understanding. May his life be a living legacy for generations to come should you tarry that long Father. Bless this family I your matchless name...AMEN

You don't know me, nor do I know you. I am a believer who prays for people through the website of Google called ORKUT. One of your friends posted a request for you inside our community called Prayer Request Community of which I am one of ther moderators. Please know that there are many many people praying for you within that community. I am one of them who lives here in the US (California), but the others live all over the world and primarily in India. They are all wonderful believers who know that God is awesome and that God is real. Bless you my friend.


decembersroses said...

All right, we clearly had you on far too much's skewed your perception and you're going to get me in trouble with your friends! :)

Glad you're feeling better...and we're all loving the Addi pictures as always! The crew says hello. Take care of yourself and those fantastic girls of yours!