Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Good Evening Everyone - I hope you are having a better evening than me. My sweet little girl does not want to go to bed tonight and I hate to lay her down when she is crying, but now she is way past bedtime and we have school tomorrow. (Sorry Miss Kim and Miss Candy) We had to brush our teeth again and then we went down quietly. Win one for Mom
We had a busy day with gymnastics and Dance Class today. We stopped by work and saw our favorite people. We got to see Baby Conner which now Addi thinks that all babies that come out of tummies are Connor. Except she is having baby Swiper...LORDY (is that a word) Then we ended out night talking on the computer with the Kansas Family and that is always fun.
I have almost made it my 48 hours without seeing Bo. I did talk with his nurse quite a lot today and she said that it sort of took it easy today. Which I am sure it is well deserved, but I did warn him that I will be up there tomorrow to kick it into high gear to get us to come home. He is missing everyone a lot and I hope we can see people soon.
Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement. I do draw great strength knowing that there are so many people that care and pray for us (and me when I am nuts) Truly know that you are not going unnoticed, I can feel the strength, hence staying here. Plus I have my "family" at Duke checking up on Bo and encouraging him along as well, Thanks Sue.
Take care and Love to All
Christi, Addi and Bo
PS - Lordy is not a word per spellcheck...now if we can only get grammar check


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about Addi. She always comes in with a smile. We love her just the same, with or without her smile! I know you are anxious to get back to Bo. We will pray for your safe travel and also that these trips will soon come to an end!

Miss Kim

Anonymous said...

Christi you are a superwoman to do all this and still have a smile on your face. I'm glad you know we're out here for you. I think of you all everyday.

Love, Jenn in CA