Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hello to all and sorry for being gone so long...(I act like you care - Christi here) Turks and Caicos was wonderful, busy but wonderful. Bo did an incredible job working (more like working it) and well Addi might have found heaven here on earth. Not only was there a pool and beach, but their daycare program was Sesame Street. Elmo was everywhere...seriously I am not kidding everywhere. She loved them from a distance, but hugging was off limits. Our daughter has personal space issues. She was quite entertaining when they are dancing on stage. She danced for a solid 20 minutes. (so much dancing a woman came up to me and said she should go to LSU, it is a great party school. Whatever, GO KU!)
On another note, I would like to ask everyone to pray for a family friend. He name is Vickie Pettijohn. This past week she was diagnosed with bile duct cancer. This is a tough one to fight, but with everyone's help, I think she will fight. She has a husband, two children and wonderful parents all trying to help her fight. I will forever pray for her and her family.
Switching gears again, can you tell I have been on vacation, I am all over the place (mentally and emotionally) We are all excited to be home for a while. This weekend is huge for us and we are celebrating. Not only is it Memorial Day Weekend a long weekend, but Bo has his 1 Year Anniversary. Do you all think a cake and a card would be too much? Anyway, it is crazy to look back, forward we will go. Thank you everyone for thinking of him and helping us through this tough year.
Love you all
Christi and Addi


Robo Boogie said...

One year is AWESOME! You guys rock so hard ;-) So glad you got to get away for a bit. Here is to the first of many years of bucking the nay-sayers.

Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

I never had any doubts Bo. Your drive and the love of your family and friends for you, nothing can stand in your way! I look forward to typing this 20 years from now!

Love you guys.
The Acker Family

Anonymous said...

I saw your post via a Google alert for bile duct cancer, which my wife has has for six years now. Could you please pass along to Ms. Pettijohn some information? First, don't give up, no matter what the surgeons or oncologists tell you. My wife was originally told to go home and spend what little time she had left with our (then 16 month-old) daughter -- that was in 2001. We've fought this via surgery, RF ablation, radiation, and chemotherapy. I'd highly recommend that she get a consult with Dr. Howard Bruckner in New York (Cabrini Medical Center) if at all possible. He has had more success with this disease than just about anyone, and he's incredibly tenacious and patient-oriented. He uses a combination of chemo drugs at lower doses, which gives some synergistic effects while keeping side effects minimal. (At one time, my wife was on Gemzar, irinotecan, 5FU, oxalyplatin, and taxotere, for example.) The results, at least for my wife and other patients I've seen while we've been at his office, have been great, including a couple of liver tumors which disappeared completely without recurrence. He's not a miracle worker, of course -- my wife is currently fighting some metastases in her foot, of all places -- but he does have good results.

Best of luck to here, and if she would like to get in touch directly for contact information, etc., I can be reached at rmt at umcs.maine.edu.