Thursday, May 31, 2007

I would like to dedicate the blog today to Uncle Terry from Kansas. He has done tireless research and has really given me lifts. He has also inspired me to ask everyone on this blog to raise $1,000,000 for Addi's Cure. He said I have to ASK FOR IT. Well I am doing this now. Below is a way that some people might help, if not for you, ask 10 firends for a small donation and then send it in. Make sure they know about the website. I always read all of the comments on the blog and try to answer them in my post. I appreciate all of the feedback and well wishes Here is one of the comments:

Bo -A friend of yours, Sharen King, told me your story. I am also a non-smoker and a survivor (so far) of BAC. As I learned about my illness and went through the process of trying to learn how to deal with it emotionally, functionally, and to make life as normal as possible again, I found little in the way of support organizations. Everyone assumed if you had lung cancer, it was your own fault - just stop smoking. And everyone also assumed it to be an automatic death sentence. I would love to help in anything you're doing to help support those with new diagnoses. I am also troubled by the fact that research into lung cancer suffers from the same preconceived ideas.Bo, I'm looking for ways to turn my experience with lung cancer into something to support others, so they don't have to deal with it at all, or at least in a more supportive manner. Let me know what I can do.Marge Combe

I would love to chat with you Marge. Get Sharen to give you my email address and phone number, and call me. I think you have your hands full as well as I do, however, I would love for you to help promote Addi's Cure in your area. This is a way anyone can help. Any money raised would be awesome, and of course awareness is a big key too. I also am almost always asked if I smoked..... The first thing we did was to have a dinner. We went to a local restaurant, and they agreed to have a special menu for us as well as a special price. We then sold tickets that were over the cost of the dinner by $25.00. Each participant got a letter from Addi's Cure giving them tax deductible credit for the $25.00 over the goods and services. It was a lot of fun, a night to hang out with friends for a good cause. I think we have almost 200. I would love to have several "little" Addi's Cure branches all around helping the cause. Remember - 100% of the money is for cancer research, no admin fees or anything.

I also had a question about the TV coverage. I will let everyone know on the blog when this will be on. It was done by a news channel that does content for all affiliations of NBC, so it could be on in 50 different areas or more. It depends on who picks it up, but the lady hosting it is really popular, so I hope that there are lots of people that get to see it. I am also trying to get a link on the website as well.

Please pray for Suzi, Caine, McKenna, Marge, and everyone else in this world hurting from cancer or something else.


Anonymous said...


I'll put my money where my mouth is. A donation will go into the mail tomorrow and I'm going to e-mail your blogspot, and the mailing address for Addi's Cure, to 10 friends, etc, and ask them to make donations and then forward the e-mail. Please keep us posted on the amount of donations raised. Terry

Anonymous said...

We could do a dinner here, Bo. Email me the info about how you got things going there and Bill and I will get started on it right away. It always feels like there is so little we can do but this we can do.

Anonymous said...

As a breast cancer patient, I have been involved in the Race for the Cure (mine). Seeing you on my local TV station reminded me that too many parents of young children, like you and I, are being threatened by this horrible disease. I applaud your courage and I wish you and your family the best. You all will be in our thoughts and prayer and Addi's Cure is being distributed to my friends and family.