Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just a quick hello from Bo. I had treatment on Monday at Duke. The last week was really crazy. I was in PHX for a meeting, and then had to fly to Kansas for a funeral for Christi's grandmother. It was tough, Grandma Sparks was very sweet. Christi had a tough time as well.

Got back on Monday and learned that Christi's sister, Cyrstal, had bad news. Her father in law died of lung cancer. He learned of it several weeks ago, but it was really late in the game. This made me really sad for them of course, but also scared a little. I realize I am really luck that I am still here. Please say a prayer for Clinton and Grandma Sparks.

Tuesday Christi, Addi, and I had to leave for Turks and Caicos. This is my company's annual trip. We have 140 people down here for the rest of the week. It should be a lot of fun.

Please do not forget to support Addi's Cure in 2007. Everyone did so well in 2006. We have several events coming up, I am excited. We need to keep the momentum. If you want to help, tell your friends about Addi's Cure and see if they would want to help.

I really feel honored that you all read this. I hope I can write it for a long time to come....

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