Thursday, May 24, 2007

I had a surprise today. A news channel came in from Raleigh to do a story on Addi's Cure and lung cancer. It was NBC and they will send it out to all of their affiliates. I hope we can put it on the website soon. I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.

June 1 will be one year for me, which is a great accomplishment. I am really grateful for all the support from everyone.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to remember all the little people you met along the way once you're a big celebrity? Hope you and the family have a great labor day weekend! Write some more in this blog for pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

Bo and family... congrats (on the year, on having your voice heard, etc). I hope you know that many of us pop by quite frequently to see how things are going....even if we don't leave messages. Just wanted to remind you that you have a lot of folks thinking of you...even if the # of comments doesn't necessarily show it. Sarah, Chicago,IL

Anonymous said...

Bo -

A friend of yours, Sharen King, told me your story. I am also a non-smoker and a survivor (so far) of BAC. As I learned about my illness and went through the process of trying to learn how to deal with it emotionally, functionally, and to make life as normal as possible again, I found little in the way of support organizations. Everyone assumed if you had lung cancer, it was your own fault - just stop smoking. And everyone also assumed it to be an automatic death sentence. I would love to help in anything you're doing to help support those with new diagnoses. I am also troubled by the fact that research into lung cancer suffers from the same preconceived ideas.

Bo, I'm looking for ways to turn my experience with lung cancer into something to support others, so they don't have to deal with it at all, or at least in a more supportive manner. Let me know what I can do.

Marge Combe

Anonymous said...


Will you let us know when your story has been on televison and also provide a website link, if possible.