Monday, May 07, 2007

Hello to all! Well Addi and I (Christi) had our first visit to Tweetsie Railroad in Boone/

Blowing Rock, NC this weekend. We went up there with Papa and Grams Cain and Cousin Joe and Aunt Andrea and Uncle Daniel. I do have to say my daughter is fearless. She rode everything that she could, of course with her Daddy beside her. Anything that resembled a horse had to be touched if not sat on. She even had a good time riding the train. The weather wasn't really cooperating with us (it rained most of the time), but it was nothing compared to what the family in Kansas has been dealing with. Please everyone keep in your prayers those people dealing with the tornado devastation. My family in on the eastern side of Kansas, so they have had some strong storms, but nothing has come across their path.

All and All a good weekend here just playing with Dad and Addi. She is becoming a comedian. Anytime anyone laughs she thinks she did it and copies them. She is also very fond of her necklaces Daddy bought her. She wears 6 of them at one time! What a mess...

Take care

Christi and Addi

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Anonymous said...

Tweetsie Railroad rocks! Addi is becoming quite the qt. Hope this finds you well.
Jay R