Sunday, March 09, 2008

All is right with the universe again as Carolina beat Duke last night. I am going to have some test tomorrow, but I will not be wearing my Carolina blue.... I actually will have Duke's colors on, but it does not say Duke. I find it kinda confuses them....

I have chemo tomorrow as well as a PET scan. Once they read the PET scan, I might have one more test. Because it is so evasive, I will make sure that is the last test and if it does come back negative, they will promise to say yes.

I have really been working hard at pulmonary rehab. My coaches there are Brenda, Carmen, and Coach K. Her name is Keayra (sp?) and I could not remember for the first couple of weeks. I had to make up a nickname, so Coach K it is. When she makes me do squats, I picture her like a Coach K. They are all really very nice and it has really been a big help. As of now, I am lifting light weights, going 3.2 on a treadmill for 20 minutes, doing an elliptical machine for 10 minutes, riding a bike for 10 minutes, and trying to do it like circuit training. Off one and onto the next. I still have to wear oxygen, 4 liters while I exercise.

Christi and Addi are doing well. Addi is just a great kid and I do love her so much. She is so funny. Last night we went to dinner with Walker, Candace, Brian, and Jared. After that, we came home to watch the game with Brian and Addi was "calling" him on her barbie cell phone. It was SO funny. She is just a cool little girl. I really hope I am around for her. She deserves a Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

3.2 on a treadmill for 20 minutes
elliptical machine for 10 minutes
riding a bike for 10 minutes

Dude, I can't even do that now! Keep up the great work!