Friday, March 28, 2008

Hello Everyone, Christi here, sorry for the tardiness, this past week just got away from us. I guess the Madness has taken over! Big night for KU, Carolina won so Yeah!
Anyway on to the more important stuff, Bo went and met with the doctors and filled out the paperwork, but has to wait to be officially activated to the lung transplant list. Obviously we are extremely anxious, but we have to trust the doctors on this one. His blood tests came back with escalated levels of his kidney functions and we have to wait for those to come back clean for 2 weeks in a row. Our oncologist believe this is because of the chemo that he has been taking, (Altima has been known to effect the kidneys) so hopefully it will come down quickly and we can officially get the ball rolling.
On the positive note, Bo's says I drive him crazy with my silver lining, Obviously God wants us the have as much "normal" time together as possible. And we get a better countdown on when he will be ready for the list. Bo did speak with his Oncologist and asked about how he thought Bo not doing chemo will effect him and Dr. Crawford thought that since Bo has responded so well to this chemo and shrunk the cancer some, that there is not reason to think he doesn't have time until the transplant. He thinks this will only make Bo stronger for the upcoming surgery. I have always trusted Dr. Crawford and Susan completely, so there is no reason for that to change now. But in a odd way I am sad to not do chemo because we will not see our friends in oncology as frequently now, so Freedom (and Justice), John, Susan, Sally and Dr. Crawford we will catch up soon.
Bo will type soon - take care
Christi and Addi

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Where's Bo?