Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello, Christi here - Just a quick update, my title has now changed (I think I have been promoted) I am now officially called "Your Majesty" with a bow. (Seriously I have no clue where she gets this stuff, but I am going to run with these names, because in 10 years it might change)
Also Daddy and Addi have a new game. When Daddy is laying on the couch, Addi likes to put another pillow on top of him and make a Daddy sandwich. She then proceeds to climb to the very top so she can be the "Pickle on Top" - I now know where people get the nickname Pickle.
Another good story is every night Addi says her prayers and I keep them pretty much the same, so needless to say she has it memorized. But we have been asking her more so who does she want to pray for (which is a loaded question to ask a 2 year old) We pray for clowns and our Papa, Grams, Papa-Cow, Grandma, Grand-Daddy and Great Papa, plus the long list of Aunts, Uncles Cousins and Best Friends, but lately Uncle Leon has been sneaking in there. You should know that when Uncle Leon came to visit he tried to pay for a hug and kiss from Addi with money and to his mistake he always gave her the money first and then asked for the hug. I would say 100% of the time, my smart daughter, gave the money back and opted out of the hug. But Uncle Leon is getting some prayers, so maybe she is missing the money.
And for our final story, for those who do not know Addi has been wearing "Big Girl Panties" for a while. We are so proud of her and have to say thanks to Peyton, Patterson, and Cousin Ryan for teaching her. But we do have to bribe her a little, she is obsessed with washing her hands, so she can only wash her hands if she goes potty, which works great! She always has to run and tell her Daddy when she does a good job, so he can tell her he is "So Proud of her!". Now my daughter is a big one of not wanting anyone to feel left out, so now when she runs and tells Daddy her good news, Mommy has to tell Daddy Mommy's good news and he tells me that he is "So Proud of me Too"
Man you have to love kids
Christi and Addi


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Addi and the potty training! Love the stories!

Angel Gabi's Daddy said...

Kids are the most amazing thing. It is incredible how they can erase all the stresses and anxiety in our world for a moment with something as simple as a daddy sandwich! ha ha I loved that.

We are always following a long and thinking about all of you! Everyone in the family is in our prayers!

We love you guys,
Jay, Micah, Gracie, Angel Gabi, and soon to arrive Baby Kinsley!